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H O O R A Y !!!!

For the first time I am THANKFUL FOR MY PERIOD!
I've been praying for the past four days that it would start since I was due....

This means by the con I will be OVER the worst of my cramps and I won't be an emotional bloated COW to deal with.



*now hobbles off to find my stick-em up headting pads for undies.*

Those heat patches are WONDERFUL.

I have so many presents for various people, I have most of my stuff save for my clothes (Doing laundry tomorrow night) packed...
Picked up new make-up since the almost full stuff I had, I bought LAST YEAR, and it's so not good to put old make-up on your face, especially when you have allergies like mine. I only ever wear the crap when I'm like out in public and should at least look presentable. (Work does not count. I wear make up 2-3 times a YEAR.) I've dropped off samples of the finished posters at Kinkos to laminate so they won't get all jacked up during the con, pick those up tomorrow...

Gotta pick up receipt books so we can keep track of stock and ya know like give people receipts. O_o

I know I'm forgetting something my mind is going a gazillion miles an hour, I've never ran my own booth before, worked for other people, not myself and I'm nervous as Fiddle-sticks.

I know damn well the prints of Pond's posters are gonna sell out in no time flat. THey were gorgeous to start with, seeing them printed on the nice heavy posterboard? Va-va-va-VOOOM! WOW!

I mean they *ALL* came out spectacular, but hers really pop on that paper.

Bee's "Lost and Found" print a very close second to "pop-a-bility" in print.

I look at my crap in comparrison and go "WHAT AM I THINKING? I'M OUT OF MY LEAGUE"

But I'm trying and I am so honored an PROUD to be a part of something with such fabulous artists.

So to: ponderosa121, spubba, beechan2, tsunopikash
Thank you for being a part of this infant project, you're all fantastic and I love you all for all your hard work in helping bring this together.

What a journey.

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