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Day started out with a trip to the dentist for my crown which had to be shaved and my partial mutilated to get it to fit back in my mouth ><__>< it's still cock-eyed as FUCK but I can eat.

Then went and got my hair done... came home to this...

Leave it to Hime to be funny as hell, exhausted princess alert!

Onto the rest of the afternoon...

We start with a BEAUTIFUL SUNSET....

We had a nice Evening. Shawn and Genivieve and Aeris came over for dinner and a movie (The Day after Tomorrow)...
We have a Homemade Spaghetti Dinner to begin... Aeris LOVED the sauce... sweet tomato cheeks! (Yes, that's permanent Hair color, I like being weird and scaring people.)

Then we give her her first taste of CHOCOLATE! And typical female she is fell into orgasmic bliss (Look at her eyes! AHAHAH) I thought she was gonna suck my finger down her throat! LOL

Shawn and Daughter eating Chocolate Cake... We created an addict!!

Note in this last one, not 2 seconds after I snapped the picture, she screamed bloody MURDER and was one pissed off baby. Shawn had eaten the last bite. Look at the TEARS FORMING!

I fed her some of my cake, we had no idea she'd love it THAT MUCH!

Man she was ANGRY as Fuck at her Daddy, how dare he eat the last bite! Didn't he know we ladies NEED OUR CHOCOLATE?!?

My offering a few more bites did the trick and she proceeded to be just uber cute the rest of the evening. This was the bear I won at skee-ball last year. (One of Two) The green "Trowa Bear" herophelia has... "Quatre Bear" went home with Aeris, because this was too damn cute not to let her have it! She was all over this squishy teddy bigger than she is!

The movie was great, I love Disaster movies, Shawn and Gen left around 11, Aeris still semi-wired from Chocolate and now I'm posting TEH CUTE.

She's so sweet, I adore this baby. SOOOOOO well behaved and happy and all around kissable. I like being the wierd "Aunt" oh the plans I have as she grows.... muwhahahahahah.

Where does one buy finger paint?


EDIT: Stolen from stormcloude

pick a band -- answer using only titles of their songs.


Are you male or female?: Killer Queen
Describe yourself: Bohemian Rhapsody
How do some people feel about you?: Good Company
How do you feel about yourself?: Let Me Entertain You
Describe your ex: Another One Bites The Dust
Describe your views on your significant other or crush: I Want To Break Free
Describe what you want: I Want It All
Describe how you live: Scandal
Describe how you love: You Take My Breath Away (You don't know how tempted I was to put "Tie your Mother Down" here :P)
Share a few words of wisdom: Teo Torriatte (Let us Cling Together)

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