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*KILL ME!!!*


Got the 2x6 Vinyl Studio Banner, looks quite nice.... STILL waiting On my FUCKING POSTERS AND T-SHIRTS I AM NEVER USING THIS PRINTER AGAIN!!! It took me 1 week ago asking her "Yo!? Um like are they DONE yet?" .. She said "By friday! ^_^" ... (last Friday, not today) Friday came and Then she had a billion and one "problems", printers pulling cock-eyed, cutting into the pictures, Printer's breaking... every excuse in the book she threw at me why they were not done! Excuses Up until THIS MORNING!

That's too fucking close to the wire BITCH RHONDA at COLORSPOT!!!

I have a PROMISE from her... DONE ON MONDAY MORNING. And she had better give me a God Damn discount! I gave her 2 and a half MONTHS to print this, and she did fuck all until THIS WEEK! Not my fucking fault and all the tears and stress and PANIC ATTACKS she's given me (and remember I had to contact THEM, not the other way around, what if she had left this until WEDNESDAY, we'd have been up shit creek!) I paid her a truck load of money, she had better deliver and give me an "I'm sorry for giving you a heart attack" discount.

And... It had better be fucking ready and PERFECT on Monday or I am camping out in the printers office and not letting her go home until they are DONE and DONE RIGHT!

I still don't have spubba's Voltron Books and I'm STRESSSTRESSSTRESSSTRESS there too.

I bought the rubbermaid tubs and storage drawers to tote the shit to the con tonight, I have the Caravan rented at Enterprise, I gotta put air in my hand truck tires so I don't break my back schleping.

I get the crown on my tooth tomorrow....


Until tomorrow afternoon when I get to be "COOL Auntie" for an evening and play with Aeris, she is total stree relief.

BABY! FWEE! (checks for Cheerios in the cupboard, Yup stocked with baby bribes!) ^_^

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