D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama


Okay Yaoi-con-goers and people I wanna glomp and who may want to be able to track me down if I'm not in the dealers room or galavanting about in the evenings....

I will always have my cell on me: 559-300-7586

Call anytime evenings or weekends I have unlimited minutes so pretty much the entire Con is free time for me :PPPP But Don't watch a clock, I never use all my PAID minutes in a month so no worries there either I usually have 500 every month to SPARE. I don't use it much.

ALSO... Friday for those who will be there.

There is a CRANIUM party in my Room beginning 2 PM until I have to throw you out to go set up the dealer's room at 7PM
If you're interested in attending the game party please RSVP HERE in this nifty Poll:

Poll #370815 Cranium_Party

Are you coming to the Cranium Game Party?

Unknown yet

It's BYOB (I don't drink so you're all on your own if you want it. But it's early afternoon so I doubt anyone will, but gotta say it.)

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