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I must be clincally insane....

I have very VOCAL muses....

Glares at the newest pair loitering around my house.

ALRIGHT ALREADY, I'm gonna write you but you have to give me TIME DAMN IT!


Chris: I am horny
D: I know you are.
Chris: Robin is Hot and you're making me wait!
D: Suffer
Chris: Why are you writing our back history? No one cares about that get to the lovin'!
D: NO, you must be patient. I'll get to the hanky panky when it's TIME FOR IT!
Chris: I'm a stud, and you know damn well Robin wants me.
D: Be glad he can't hear you right now.
Robin: Puttering over breakfast, deaf and blissfully unaware.
D: He so much easier to handle than you. Be glad he can't see your lips to read them.
Chris: I've got a job for these lips and you're delaying me!!
D: I gotta go to work, bugger off Chris.
(Robin waves good-bye... ah yes he's sooooo much sweeter than Chris.)

ARRRGGGH My characters have lives of their own and they don't leave me alone!!!


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