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Con Check list - OMG SO CLOSE!

Hotel Reservation double checked and thankfully still valid since I've had it over six months - CHECK
Free-standing chrome grid Wall for Booth at con - CHECK
Minivan Rental for con confirmation e-mail for pick up Thursday morning - CHECK
Artwork posters and Shirts for booth - Ready by Friday or Monday - CHECK
2x6 foot Studio Vinyl Banner for booth - ready tomorrow - CHECK
Voltron Anthology Dounjinshi shipment for booth in the mail from spubba - CHECK
Art Show Picture printed, laminated and matted and mounted - CHECK
Pre-Reg for Art Show fee mailed to Kitsune - CHECK
Presents for Friends ready - CHECK

Just gotta pack and get there.... OMG OMG OMG is it here yet?
I'm organized but why do I still feel like I'm forgetting something IMPORTANT!? O_o

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