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Just call me GRACE....

OW ...

Got up early this morning to take the car to the dealership and as Mom and I are walking out after dropping the car off...

the outside of my left foot hits the crack in the pavement at JUST the right *BAD* angle


Flat on my back in the parking lot, left ankle FUCKED, right KNEE FUCKED, RIght Hip FUCKED...


Dude at Car lot: "Can I get you anything?"

ME: "How about my Pride back?"

They help me up and I limp home before heading out to work... (climb 2 flights of stairs just to get to my desk, and up and down them three more times for breaks and lunch) ... as the day progressed? boy I swelled like a Mo-Fo. My last break I had to truck myself to the other end of the building (and I work in a LARGE building) to take the elevator cause taking stairs was NOT gonna happen.

Fall 8am
Really painful by 4:30
Agony by 8:00

Where's my Ibuprofen?


I can barely walk on it.

And to top it all off, they couldn't find the "problem" that I seem to have NO PROBLEM HAVING.

It's nothing MAJOR, and I bet when the starter switch mecahnism fails they'll find it then.

AH well, it's not major and I won't cry over something little, I'm just irritated.

and sore.

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