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What an Eventful Evening...

What an interesting evening...

Got an order of clothes in the mail... (mostly my stretchy lycra/denim hybrid jeans I love) from Lane Bryant Mail-Order catalog and a few tunic tops I love (again because I like comfy bohemian clothes) and then decided to go out to the mall with mom.

Let's see... I broke my rule about buying heels, but I could not resist the nice suede bitch boots I saw at payless, oh they are niiiice and go with my new tops.
I also bought a few bits and bobs like a camisole I needed cause one of the tops I bought has a WAY LOW neck line and I have NO BOOBIES so bending over without a camisole would NOT be a good idea.

Dad bought mom a stunning Sapphire and Diamond pendant for her b-day so I took mom to the Jewelers and bought her the matching earrings. I love blowing a hunk of cash like that on her, well worth it I love my mom.

Walking along I see like locals have tables set up selling crafts and LOW AND BEHOLD.... ART BOY!
He does fabulous work, all mainly Marvel-esque style comics, but he's good, and CUTE and Asian and of course D, never one to be shy.. strikes up a convo while mom is in the Verizon store.

David Wong (His card is in my wallet and am too lazy to dig it out right now.) Nice, we talk, I tell him about Yaoi-con and not only has he heard of it, has been thinking of "breaking into it."

Can we say I become evil mama-jama and urge his talents along the naughty? Muwhahahahahah.

I was made to promise to call him this weekend so we can get together for art chat.

Um, twist my arm? OOOOOKAY.

On the way OUT, this cute little young hippy girl (probably very early 20's) with tiny little wild dread locks, hemp hippy attire and lovely complexion stops us with lotion. We were gonna turn her down, but when she's that cute and aggressive in her sales pitch and making the effort we'll give her time (We weren't in a hurry anywhere). She's got this soft Israeli accent, she's been here a while but not long enough to loose her accent... and the products are all dead sea salt, all natural crap. Ya know the hippy holistic crap I like anyway...

So I let her glop this stuff in my hands and give me her well spoken, well learned pitch while I rub this crap in and wash my hands with it... (my hands are fucking incredibly soft now O_O) and then when she brings out the lotion for after the exfoiliating salt scrub and the first words out her mouth are

"This is reccommended highly for Diabetics...." mom and I BOTH listen, we're both diabetic and do have very ROUGH elbows and feet because when you're diabetic the oxygen levels in your skin are HORRIBLE.

This was great stuff...


I liked this girl, she was A LOT like me when I was her age.... Very animated, bright personality and presented herself a lot older than she actually is, smart girl.

She asked "What's your name?"
Mom said "Dana." (Remember my name sounds a lot like "donna" when spoken)
Girl: "ME TOO!!"
Mom: "Betcha it's spelled different"
Girl: "Yup mine is spelled D-A-N-A"
MOM AND I ..... ".... O__O .... NO WAY!"
Me; "ME TOO!" I have never met anyone else whose name is spelled identical to mine or prounced exactly the same Da-Na (Dah - Nah)

There's more...

BOTH ARTISTS -- She draws anime too! O_O
BOTH VIRGOS -- Her birthday is the day after mine, August 28th (mine's the 27th)


I spent 65 bucks at her stall.


I came home fucking BROKE for 2 weeks, but feel good and freaked! ^_^

Tomorrow I have a root canal and crown done, so I'm sure tomorrow I shall feel CRAPPY.. but now, it's good. ^__^ Even with my toothache.

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