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My day in a nutshell...

Went to Dentist this morning.... will be going back NEXT Saturday for 2 fillings and 1 Root Canal & Crown (I need 5, but can only afford 1 at a time. *cries*) I have to do this one first my partial ANCHORS to that tooth, I sorta need to KEEP IT.

Came home and have learned I have become the OFFICIAL neighbourhood CAT LADY!!


My six year old neighbour, Madison, I see coming up our path with a Kitten in her arms. (I have food on the front patio for my cats.)

She sets the baby by the food and I go outside.

"Hi, this kitty has been coming by my house a lot, and my mom says I can't keep her. I know you like have cats and stuff will you keep her?"

ME: (I'm the cat lady, dear god.) (Checks out adorable kitten about 9 weeks old give or take.) "Honey I can't keep her, but I will take her to the shelter." (SHe was painfully thin, had a snotty nose and her tail O_O Like half of it gone, like a bald stick on her but. No clue if she LOST it or was just born deformed.)

Friendly, FRIENDLY little grey, black and white tiger stripe tabby. With huge white tufts coming out of her ears like a bob-cat.

I named her snot-bob (Yeah, I know gross, but she was sneezing, and when she slept she SNORED she was so full of said snot.)

Anyhow, sat outside with her, she was an affectionate little cuss. Fed her, she wouldn't eat much, then took her over to the SPCA.

She slept on me in the car, she rides in a car better than any cat I know, but then she's a little sick.

The SPCA will fix her up and put her up for adoption. SHe'll be EASY to adopt. Affectionate, gorgeous HUGE green eyes, the little long fur on her chin and ears to make her look like a little bob-cat. So flipping cute.

I come home and Madison (In her little soccor uniform ><__>< Suburbia) comes running up. "Is she okay?"

"Yup, she's at the Shelter and as soon as she's well, they put her up for adoption."

Madison runs off. Now why Madison's PARENTS did not take the kitten they found to the SCPA (which is only about 3 miles away), I have no idea.

No, bring it to the CAT LADY first, she'll do it. *sigh* And I did with no complaint, heck I got to cuddle a kitten for an hour, like I'm bitching? Nope.

Good luck Snot Bob!

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