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Earthquake and Yes I'm okay.

Rocking and Rolling today.

10:12 this morning (By the clock on my phone), I'm sitting there on the phone, when da place starts a rockin' and a rollin'


Like surfing on Dry Land man. Lasted about 20 seconds. And I live in a really rather DEAD area for seismic activity, The San Joaquin Valley was the part that SURVIVED the TV movie "Earthquake"... So to have felt that quake here I wondered one of 2 things:

1.) Either that was really close and small one on the San Andreas Fault
2.) Really BIG ONE farther away on the San Andreas Fault...

6.0 on the Richter scale epicenter in Parkfield. Here's the News about it...

98.31 Miles away from me, so it was #1 above we were shakin' pretty good. Here's a map.

I'm okay, I was hangin' ten. It was a shimmy/roller quake, only damage I had was my Trowa figurine fell over on my desk.

He's standing again. :PPPPP

sentairick is no longer an Earthquake virgin. At least you got to ride one before you left.

I'm weird, I like quakes.

But I grew up in tornados, earthquakes are much better to deal with and over quick.

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