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Customer service Purgatory

Today... 5:57 pm

Phone Rings I see on my display it's an internal transfer call

Me: Hi jovita
J: I got a transfer for you
Me; Tell me it's NOT Dr. Tabbssian
J: ... Um yeah
Me: Um NO! I go home in 2 minutes I have absolutely NO OPEN CALLS for this person. tell her anything, I'm busy, gone home anything!

5:59 pm
Phone rings

Me: What Jovita
J: SHe wants to hold for you
Me: NO. This is against CSA transfer call standard Op procedure. DO NOT PASS NEW CALLS YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO TAKE, even if the caller asks for a specific CSA, you are required to take the call I'm sorry. THis woman calls me 4-5 times DAILY I am not her bitch.
J: I tired to help her, she won't let me
Me: THen Dr. T has to learn how to say yes to new people, I am not at her beck and call and we cannot, as you well know offer call backs on NEW ISSUES. Call backs are ONLY for open issues that we're working on, and we have to make those in the rare interim that are phones are not ringing. Hang up instantly pick up line to call out. Dr. T KNOWS THIS and tries to bully CSA's to get her way. I am going home ON TIME tonight, she can blow me.
J: HA HA, okay I'll tell her I tried you back and you'd left.
Me: (LOG OUT GO HOME... I hate this woman with all my being.)

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