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What a Day...

One bastard after another today on the phone, my stats where HORRIBLE today.

The capper of a bad day, once again Dr. Tabbassian calls me at 5:fucking30 with yet another batch of a trillion claim issues, and I'm there a half hour late! (and would have been longer had I not finally said: "Dr. Tabbassian, I have to have permission to work overtime, I need security access to GET OUT OF THE BUILDING, they are shutting off the lights and can you hear the Vacuum cleaner in the background? The cleaners are here, are you done yet?"

Her response?

"I have 10 more"


"I cannot do that many, I'm sorry. I'm already a half hour overtime, I cannot stay here another hour and a half with you." (This particular person we were working with has SO MANY claims we're talking in the thousands (not kidding) and the system can't cash that many, so it takes 10 minutes to pull up only one (again not kidding in the slightest.)

She conveniently tried to ignore that until I said:

"I cannot do anymore. Please fax me the rest so I can get time off the phone to research your issues for this patient"

"Let me read them to you..."



So here I am jotting down random dates and dollar amounts in absolutely NO ORDER WHATSOEVER to try and BEG project time for later.... HAHAHAHAH right! I'm never allowed off the phone. I can ask until I'm blue in the face. I pity the poor fuck I will eventually after begging for 2 weeks, get them pawned off onto.

*le sigh*

It's every other day now, this Dr. Refuses to talk to anyone else, and let me tell you Dr.'s are all nicely educated in MEDICINE ... NOT OFFICE WORK!
STABSTABSTBASTAB! Get yourself an Office Manager, and you won't have all these fucking problems with your claims! ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!

Then I come home, forget to stop off for smokes, turn around grab smokes, get my ear talked off by the cigarette lady Rita, come home it's after 7... come home to

A "Dear John" Letter... Now that however I was half-expecting, albeit a phone call, but a letter works... and I'm so HAPPY the emotions I picked up on long ago were finally sorted out. GO BE HAPPY and STOP ANGSTING. I wrote you a long letter back, you'll be FINE. I knew what you were feeling long, LONG before you did. I'm so glad you finally found your center ground right where I thought you would. Somebody else is your soul mate, and you need to be with that person.

First and foremost I am always your friend and I got your back. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF, you proved you can do whatever you set out to do and you CAN succeed.

Now I'm capping off my horrific roller coaster day with Sangria.

Mmmm fruity.

*dies from exhaustion*

EDIT: What the Hell...

Ask me 6 questions. Any six, no matter how personal, private or random, I have to answer them honestly.

Then in turn, you have to post this message in your own journal.

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