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I REALLY aggravated my Sciatica so badly Friday what with running around *AND* schlepping Rick’s belongings that even 2 full days somewhat resting it's no better, today going into work, I trip up the stairs (I just caught my shoe on the runner carpet on the landing, I didn't fall) I twisted funny though, making my already painful right hip, excruciating.

I had to leave work, I couldn't sit in my chair straight. They wanted it workman's comp since I tripped on the carpet and I'm like "DUDE, I'm a klutz.... I can see the rug there. My shoe caught it, it's not your fault I didn't lift my foot high enough. Just be aware, and let me go to the bone cracker..." I cannot understand (well I can with sue happy people out there) why they panic.

I will not sue, I like my job, and I'm not dying and I'm not "hurt"... it's a condition I was BORN with (I have a badly curved spine and it is what aggravates the sciatic nerve cluster.) I've just twisted bad, my fault and just letting you know I'm taking the rest of the day to attend to my gimpy-ness....

I found a Chiropractor who specializes in pressure point therapy and immediately went and have just returned from the "crack" job.

It's I'd say about 25% better, I go again before work on Wednesday, hopefully I can get my back adjusted enough where a fifteen minute walk around the grocery store won't send me home crying from the pain (it's literally gotten that bad, I can't walk five minutes before my right butt cheek and hip are crying "CHECK PLEASE!")

He advised putting some ice on it to bring down the inflammation of the muscles in the nerve area, so I am sitting on an ice pack as I type this :PPPPP

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