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The B-day News

FRIDAY: My Actual B-Day

1. Took day off work vacation... Get up get showered (no pictures, I don't want to break my camera.)
2. Go to Doctor's Office... Find out it's a cyst on the LEFT SIDE that's causing my pain, but it's really too small (YAY) to operate on, I'll stick with pain killers... I also fine out I'm into the first stages of MENOPAUSE (OMFG!!! O_O) So got some homepathic herbal supplements (Black Cohosh "Remie Femie" that are supposed to help with the horrible night sweats (my First symtom), Hot flashes etc... I also picked up some glucosomine in hopes that will help with my OUTRAGEOUS siatica. OWWIE, every year it gets worse. I can't walk 20 minutes in a store now without wanting to DIE with my right hip/back in searing pain. Hopefully that supplement will help cushion the bones around that nerve cluster.
3. From there Off to THE PRINTERS ... See picture of me the night before after I finished compling the presentation folder
Dropped off Folder, Printer was allll happy I handed her a folder with all her work DONE, it's ready to just run off the machines. (I explained I used to work at a printer's in HER JOB... She said "I can Tell") I was in and out in less than five minutes...
4. Mom and I at this point are HUNGRY, we go pick up my Dad and we have an impromptu lunch at Mimi's Cafe... I love their Quiche Lorraine (so does Dad...) so we had a nice lunch, take Dad back to Work, then we head BACK out.
5. Blur of Girly girl shopping spree... Mom and I hit Office Depot for ink and paper, then PetSmart for stuff for the Dog and Cats, Michael's cause we're craft whores, then the Grocery Store... get home, get package from pmdorian which has a gorgeous sky blue chinese silk clutch purse in it, I'm also a purse whore, I squeed!!! Thanks Patty!
6. By now it's 4:30 and we get the shopping away just as Dad and Rick turn up...
7. Then it's load all of Ricks stuff into all three cars, during which crazykracker shows up unexpectedly in mid-load up, bringing back my Fushigi Yugi box sets. (Thanks Alex) and we have no time and he was gonna look at my laptop for me, but we needed to get Rick moved... so ALex said he'd come back by some night during the week, we finish loading and head over to THE APARTMENT
8. Unload Ricks stuff into his new place... I am now in agony cause I had been non-stop ALL DAY and I can barely MOVE with my hip pain. We bid Rick goodnight and I head home.
9. I nibbled on left-overs, re-arranged my bedroom a little since Rick's not in there anymore and I'm sick of stubbling my toes on the futon every morning... then COLLAPSE
10. stick on Peter Pan (The Movie, not the Disney Animation) Not seen the new movie yet, it was pretty good, and I crash at about 2 am


1. Get up, bribe dad with an "I'll buy if you fly" and hand him a ten to go pick up Krispy Kreme's :PPPPPPP
2. Fall back asleep...
3. Get up in a panic because I FORGOT I had a training class at work today for the new software releases... rush out (on time) and get there (early by 10 minutes) and learning commences
4. My hip is still el crappo, not feeling like doing much, but do it anyway. Got some closepins and eneaml paint at Michael's and I spray paint away (These are to hold up pur store merchandise on our grid wall at y-con, and me do plain wood closepins? HA! I'm too futzy damn it, they must be color coordinated damn it! So while those are out drying, I run BACK to PetSmart to exchange one of the feeders I bought for a WATERER (I grabbed the wrong one, they looked identical only one dispenses FOOD, the other WATER... I needed the WATER one, I had the FOOD one. D'OH!)
5. Come home the house smells like Cake... YUM (I still haven't had a peice yet... I think I'll have one here shortly.)
6. Got Supper
7. Started work on a decopage project I wanted to try my hand at. These are the first two I've ever done, I think they turned out fairly nice. I picked up some pretty origami paper, some raw wood boxes, some tacky glue, a can of gloss, and some polyurethane....
Here's the boxes finished (Sans the gloss and poly, I'll do that tomorrow after these set up and dry fully tonight. One I did in a pastel paper and oak finish, the other I uses a nice textures heavier origami paper, darker colors and used a rosewood stain for the box.

all in all I had a wonderful b-day.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU for all the well wishes too!


I am so gonna do NOTHING!!! LOL

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