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I had my first "Official" evaluation as a CIGNA employee (Rather than a Kelly Temp working at Cigna like I was for 6 months before I got hired.)

I was hired on 06.28.04 at a "base" salary "Trainee Tier"

As of today, not only did I get a RAISE, I got a great fucking raise. $2,800 MORE a year. Tier I I was promoted to... I calculated that if I were an hourly employee that would equal tantamount to $1.35 an hour raise. That Retro's BACK to August 1st. So technically I got that raise based on One Month's (July's) performance record.

That made me quite the happy camper today.

And to make me even happier, because my metrics are so good (Metrics being Quality, Attendance, AHT (average handling time), Accuracy, etc...), if I can maintain them for the next three months soild. (And this month is EXCELLENT, so far. As of Today, I've already buried my metircs from last month. They rate it on a system "Standard" 415-40860% of our employees stay here and I've no clue HOW they do... It's so easy to do better., "Bronze level" 407-364 AHT, "Silver" 363-331 AHT and "Gold" 330 AHT and under... July I made Silver metrics (353 AHT).... August so far I'm Gold level (318 AHT as of Today closing MTD). If I keep this up without faltering (And I really don't foresee that happening, You only have to maintain mid level BRONZE to Teir up and I can get Bronze fucking off really. And I don't do that.) I get another $3000 a year. And then AGAIN if I do another 3 month run. So BEST scenario in 6 months, I COULD be making almost $9,000 more a year. That's a Tier III level and as high as you can go before middle management and I do NOT want to be there, I like my "no responsibility over others", I don't make a good boss.

Can you say "D will Busta her Ass-a?"


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