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I was not expecting this... I was thinking CIVIL not CRIMINAL Jury Duty....

Well, I'm home and shaken, some memories jump up to bitch slap you in the face at the most in-opportune times.

I was "excused" as a juror for the case.

We all come in, I am literally sitting directly behind the defendant, less than 2 feet, no barrier wall nothing...

The judge comes in, and tells us the "case"...

You know that sickening feeling where your stomach drops to your toes?

This happens as I am looking at the back of the defendant's head as the judge reads the Case specs...

The People and State of CA vs. ***

Charges?: Rape of a Minor with a deadly weapon, forced oral coplulation with a deadly weapon and sodomy with a deadly weapon....

My mind is screaming LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT OF HERE! But you have to WAIT to be called on by the judge, and I have to tell a room of 60+ strangers I was sexually assualted as a minor and there's no way in HELL I can be un-biased or prejudiced. I couldn't even LOOK at the defendant, I was that ILL at the thought of a seven day trail over this sort of subject matter.

So I was excused, I went back to the Jury assembly room, got told they needed no more jurors and GOT THE FUCK OUTTA DODGE!

The good news is I called mom as I ran to my car and got told we're babysitting Aeris (Yes, she's named after the videogame :P) this afternoon!

YAY!!!!! 8 month old baby to play with for 4 hours!

So I stopped at K-mart, grabbed a cute plushy teddy and a little teether thingy (I spoil, that's what "aunt's" are for. ^_^ )

I think I will do mindless things until the wee one gets here, what a day.

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