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I don't fucking believe it....

Okay, I asked Once before...

workingclsshero you have a short-term memory.

I do not want you friending my journal, you, on several occasions have been rude, nasty, and otherwise to me... allow me to refresh your memory again:

Here I asked you to leave me alone the last time you friended my journal:

Here is where you retaliated and I asked you again to leave me alone:

Here is part of what started it all:

I found this http://web.pitas.com/queenofflame/29_05_2002.html
A very long time after you originally wrote it, and as of this date it is STILL available to bee seen on the net.

To this date you have never shown remorse, nor apologized for your behavior and the horrible things you said.

I do not want to associate with you, period.

I do not want you stalking me.

I will take this to the powers that be of live journal if you do not defriend my journal and leave me be, I cannot possibly be so fucking interesting. Go stalk someone else! You obviously don't like a single thing I do, and if you're here just to bag on me you can go somewhere else, I'm not bothering you, I only ever mention you when you turn up like a bad case of hives and get under my skin with the memories of your treatment of me on a personal level... have the same human courtesy to not bother me.

Am I still holding a grudge? Yeah, I don't take kindly to people with bad attitudes like yours who cannot see the hurt they cause others and gleefully parade around on other people emotions. I don't like mean people, you are beyond mean, you're nasty, and spiteful, and at this point any apology you'd attempt, I wouldn't believe anyway.


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