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Weekend Report

Had a GREAT Friday Night/Saturday...

Mako showed up Friday and I picked her up on my way home from work and after heading out to take her out to Dinner, we came back and did the whole Opening Ceremonies, then I took her back to her hotel to sleep.

Saturday, Patty came up and we went and picked up a game for us to play.

Let's just say this game *WILL* be going to y-con, and con-goers that will be in Friday night there will be a party in my room.

After I set up our booth in the dealer's room, it's back to my room for the game.

Cranium is seriously on Crack and let's just say it was "The Birthday Girls" (Mako and Myslef) vs. Patty and Rick

We slaughtered 'em *(Us gloat? Nahhhhh) Muwhahahahah Add a bunch of people? This game will make you wet yourself.

So if you're going to y-con and will be in Friday night let me know if you wanna join this Shindig, Mako, Patty and Myself will be throwing in my room.

But beware if Mako is on your team, no one else will get to play with the playdough, she calls dibs!


Just like I call dibs on the humdingers! MINE I MUST SING!!!! :PPPPP

So we had a great day yesterday, we must have played four or five rounds.

We exchanged prezzies, I got this lovely blank journal from Nepal (GORGEOUS) and a bunch of flowers, and I took The Princess out to Din-dins Friday night at the Tachibana (Our nice Japanese Restuarant, not the BEST I've ever had, but the best for BFE), and since she drives in the dead of night for work, Mom and I gave her the Cell Phone (Mom wanted back on Verizon so she and Dad were on the same plan) So we had the brand-spanking new "spare" For some reason Verizon "couldn't" (cue my suspicious glare) use her brand new nokia for service, she had to buy a new Kyocera (Rip of agents, they made her buy a whole new pre-pay kit. They technologies are different was their excuse, HELLO NOKIA 3595 not some off brand here!) so we suddenly and unexpectedly had a NICE spare now, we don't NEED a spare, and this phone is only 2 weeks old, brand fucking new... It was just such a no-brainer, now we don't have to worry about Sharky. FWEEE

Patty left around 8:30 ish, and Mako close to midnight.

Today I've been battling a headache, but literally drug my arse outta bed JUST as Mako was walking up the front walk to say goodbye.

So now I'm taking more excedrin and heading to bed!

I miss jo_mako and pmdorian already!

Road Trip to San Simeon Ladies... SOON! (Well after CON, but soon nonetheless)

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