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TIRED this morning....

But a good tired.

jo_mako rolled into town yesterday and I picked her up at the hotel afterwork and after much bullshitting and laughing, flowers, kisses etc exhanged I took her out to the nice Japanese restaurant in town for her b-day dinner.

This is becoming a tradtion where we get together to celebrate our mutual August B-day's, I got this LOVELY journal from Nepal and a nice pen, and flowers from my favorite Kiwi and three cards cause she couldn't make up her mind which sick joke card she liked best.


After dinner we stopped at the store and stocked up on drinks (She her Molson, and I picked up a nice pear cider, very light.) And then we headed home to watch the Olympic Opening ceremonies with Mom... Ah yes even mom was giving Mako shit, *cackle* We're so mean to each other.

I took Mako back to the hotel round about Midnight then crashed myself.

It's nine am, and yesterday morning I REALLY stubbed my right second to little toe, I think I broke it, I woke up this morning in GOBS of pain and it LOOKS broken.

And with Digits there's fuck all you can do, just let it heal.


Today jo_mako and pmdorian Will be here and I've no CLUE what we'll be doing, just bs-ing more than likely, bust out some playing cards or something... muwhahahahahah.

But for now I am laying back down for a bit.

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