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Today... Before I go into work at noon...

That was the fastest hospital test I've EVER had.

I had my ultrasound scheduled for 8:30 this morning, I LEFT at 8:00 was HOME by 8:45 ... I got there at like 10 after 8, went through the out-patient registration process, was taken to the waiting room, read 2 panels of my GetBackers novel before the tech came and got me, went in, they did both the surface scans and the more invasive sort... and this is where I shit a brick.... I was TOLD they removed my right fallopian tube AND my right ovary 3 years ago... as they are scanning with the invasive tool, the tech stops short and points to the screen and says "If that's not your right ovary, I need to go back to school..." and sure enough, it's still there. A portion was removed and the tube is GONE but about 3/4 of my right ovary is still there (And I'm hoping that's what it is, because the only other thing it could be is a tumor according to the tech. Good news there it doesn't LOOK like one, it looks like the ovary on the ultrasound.) Then he scanned the left side and not to my surprise the LEFT ovary is pretty much covered in cyst. I half expected that, problems like these I've had a lot and so have MOST of the women in my family on my mother's side.

SO, next stop, these scans go to the radiologist for analysis and HOPEFULLY the right side is NOT a tumor but a portion of my right ovary I thought was GONE. (Either that or it's like that Star Trek IV movie "The doctor gave me a pill and I grew a new kidney!" NOT)

The doctor's office however called yesterday while I was at work and I just got off the phone with them, they cancelled my follow up appointment for these results on the 18th because they are going on vacation ><__><... so... Seeing as I had already scheduled a vacation day for my birthday on the 27th, I'm going in then instead to go over the results.

I'm still keeping the two and a half hours of vacation time I scheduled for the 18th, I'll just sleep in that day WOOT. Then the 19th I have another full vacation day WASTED on Jury Duty.

I'm just looking forward to my nice week long vacation for Y-con. I'm taking Wednesday to pack and get my hair cut and tell-tale roots obliterated etc... Thursday to drive down, Friday for the con,(Saturday and Sunday are my normal days off anyway), Monday for the drive home, and Tuesday to recover. It's been so LONG since I worked a decent Job with paid vacation time. (Well two years is long for me. I am a professional and being out of that environment for any long length of time is RARE for me.) Since my Divorce and my move to Visalia this is really the first benefit package job I've nailed. This area is so bad for that, it's a temp agency Gestapo. I finally feel like I established myself here in a solid foundation.

Going through a Divorce and an up-rooting of a life is HARD, and I'm finally going in a good direction. I have a good paying job with benefits, I'm getting all the debt from the divorce squared away into payment plans I can manage (Cause let's face it, I ain't seen a DIME from Craig, it ain't gonna happen and I refuse to declare bankruptcy if I can avoid it.), My student loans are getting smaller, my credit is still el CRAPPO but that will come back in time if I keep on track, living here also has a bonus, with my salary added to my father's my mom doesn't have to work outside of the house. She does paperwork here at home part-time for Custom Chrome (she types up and certifies Manufacturer Statements of Origin "MSO's") so she's getting healthy and staying there and can be semi-retired. I want to keep her around for a LONG TIME yet.

I like my independence A LOT.

I like answering to one person... ME

I like taking control of life, and I plan on remaining like this. I'm happy, I'm secure, I can come and go as I please, I can only go up from here if I stay organized and focused. Barring losing my job which I don't intend on doing willingly anytime soon. GOD FORBID. I may HATE what I do, and this is the MOST STRESSFUL position I've ever worked, but the pay is decent, the bene's good, and it's not like I have to bring it home. I go in, I deal and work hard, I go home and I forget about it until tomorrow and I LIVE.

Life's too short to let it pass you buy man.

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