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Pointless Gushy Post

Sometimes my Dog can be so fucking cute.

Kaiser is being a real love bucket lately. I have this love seat couch set up in the garage where I go sit with him and smoke and just spend time with him.

And he's taken to really SNUGGLING. I'll go sit with my legs sort of stretched out to the side and he curls up behind my legs and just snuggles right in, he rest his chin on my chest and just sort of look up at me with those big brown eyes and I just MELT.

He's fallen asleep that way with me rubbing his head the past few days, so I spend more time than I intend outside cause I don't want to disturb him when he's being all lovey-dovey and cute!

But my legs eventually fall asleep cause he's HEAVY!

German Shepard’s are NOT lap dogs, no matter what they think or how cute they are.

And has anyone seen the New Radio Shack Commercial with the Smaller is Better theme and the little German Shepard puppy comes out at the end?

That was Kaiser at 10 weeks old I swear.

I saw that commercial yesterday and had to go love on Kaiser cause it made me remember what a cute puppy he was, and what a handsome dog he turned into.

I have no children, Kaiser IS my baby.

Pointless gushing over.

I just feel loved, everyone should be so lucky to own a dog as good as Kaiser.

He's incredibly smart, the Vet gave him a doggy version IQ test and he buried the needle
He's not got a vicious bone in his body, he's so docile it's not funny and he's not been fixed.
He's just one big love bug, I think he's a reincarnated hippy. LOL
He can be a little overpowering with excitement, but that's just a dog thing and he's BIG.
But I am SOOOOO glad he came into my life, nothing feels as good as knowing you are unconditionally loved.

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