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I hate Mondays, the Sequel

I am soooo Tired. I typed nearly 200 orders today. Why do formal invitations have such fucked up wording? And why do people INSIST on putting "cute" little poems they wrote on them?

Here's a tip, they are not "cute" they are cheesy, they make you look like some cheap dime store romance plot come to life.

I know if *I* get an invitation like that in the mail, I'm gonna laugh my ass off.

And Brides, here's a tip: When I CALL YOU, to tell you that I cannot fit 27 pages of poem/prowse/and your entire extended family thank yous on a 5x7 card.

Don't cry on me, use some common sense. 5x7 means 5x7. This is not a novel. It's a CARD!

I need a nap.

And on a side note, looking at my "moods" or rather "mood swings" I look like a manic depressive on crack.

I really am a moody bitch. LOL

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