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New Shounen Ai LOVE LOVE Series

Kyou Kara Maou... AHAHAHAH

oh man, haydenthorne This is sooooooooooo Up your alley.

Let's Just say Gilbert and Serge meet Inu Yasha and Fushigi Yuugi after raiding Romerfeller's wardrobe.

*nutshell synopsis

Yuuri (Serge) Starts out by getting whisked away to another world, and not by falling into a well or being sucked into a book, NOPE... he gets flushed down the TOILET!


There he Meets quite the Bishounen Cast-o-MEAT-MARKET and becomes "King" of a land he has no clue about nor their customs. SO when WOLFRAM (Gilbert) Insults Yuuri's mother and gets a slap, it turns out the "slap on the left cheek" is a PROPOSAL... So now Wolfram is Yuuri's "Bitch" Fiancée and at first he's rather pissy about it, then the Uber Jealous side comes out in full force, and in-between trying to be KING, and trying not to be sucked down drains or falling in fountains Yuuri is fighting off Günter von Christ (His AIDE and a rather fawning one at that), Trying not to have Wolfram KILL HIM if he even talks to a girl or another "pretty boy" (Wolfie is such a little pissy bitch ahahahah), Also fighting off Wolfram's slut of a mother tossed in for comedic relief...

The story lines are highly entertaining, the art lovely, the comedic segments are giggle worthy and light-hearted, and the blurred Seme x Uke roles a bonus.

All around quite a little gem, I am so sending this to you Lorena, you'll love it.

It's not finished, there's only 11 episodes so far.... and did I mention the closing credit chibi's or the Cross-Dressing Body Builder Guard, the Yaoi fangirl bet taking kitchen maid trio taking notes and bets on who gets into Yuuri's pants first or Wolfram's Frilly pink nighty? No? And that's so not ALL!


Okay enough, be watching your mailbox Lorena!


Official Site:

OH PURDY! Can you guess which one is the Gilbert Clone Lorena? ^^

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