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Nothing says "I LOVE YOU" more than dead Gopher carcass



I love you too you damn cat, PLEASE stop bringing me DEAD THINGS!!



And on an unlrealted note, I'm playing around with my LJ layout again.


And just got back from having my hair CHOPPED, nice and short for summer and again we pulled out the "Red Soda Pop" color (That's the actual name) so I have strawberry crush colored hair again.

Then I went to have my eyebrows waxed (Cause if I don't, the nice Eastern European heritage UNIBROW tends to want to take over) and the little Vietnamese Girl who does it for me begged and pleaded to let her do my hair next time because "It's so much fun SQUEEEE" (SHe actually squeed when I walked in, she's too damn cute.)

Lol, she's a sweetie, tri-toned little J-pop star looking little thing herself. I promised her the next time I need ye olde roots done and another Haircut (about every 6-8 weeks I get it done) I'd let her go to town on it.

Now I'm home, it's like 100+ degrees outside now, for the rest of the day I'm hiding in the air-conditioning.

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