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Greenlings Updated

Series Title: Greenlings
Book ONE: Ai no Hanashi (Story of Love)
Chapter Number: Five
“The Hoshi no Ryu Returns”
Author: D. Sanders

Yuki opened his eyes slowly, the diffused light from the conifer grove dancing like stars before his eyes. He felt soft hands stroking his forehead, and he remembered the touch, he closed his eyes again and smiled.

“Aoi, how long have I been in trance?”

“Long enough as was needed, not too long to cause undue concern for most of us who know you, save your other half. You are always dependable to not give us much cause for worry once you awaken to your inner soul.”

“It’s strange waking up, it always is. I have my memories of this lifetime, my unaware self and the memories of this life are still here, and then all the times I thought I was dreaming turn out to be dreams of things that once were. It is quite a disconcerting sensation waking. I am grateful Keiji does not ever go through this. He is passionate enough without adding fuel to his fire.” Yuki chuckled sitting up to kiss Aoi’s cheek.

“Okasan no Ryu, you never change. Still as beautiful as ever.” Yuki smiled running a hand through his hair with a sigh.

“And you ever know how to flatter the mother of your lover.” Aoi grinned back patting his hand. “You’re so young this time, this portents ill.” She added in all seriousness.

“Aye, the youngest I’ve been to have awakened, this body is not even seventeen yet, and weak in many ways that even my healer’s gift cannot mend. It must have time to mend itself from the years of abuse it has taken. Time we do not have. Keiji is facing something dangerous, I feel it coming, and why I didn’t wake up sooner to deal with this evil is beyond me. Iron still fogs my mind and this scar it gave me will never fully heal. It will take some time for the effects on me to wane, the Akurei coming is smart, he suspected me, and caged me well and kept me from awakening.” Yuki said standing and stretching.

“Either that or he was just lucky and thought I was just a convenient well of power to drink from.” He added frowning and starting to walk toward the road.

“Do you think it wise Yuki that you get involved?” Aoi cautioned and Yuki turned and smiled at her.

“I am doing what I was born countless times to do. I protect the one who protects us all. This is my purpose in life.” Yuki said in a tone that was final and confident. “This Akurei Maho needs to learn he hurt the wrong man.” Yuki added, and this tone was chilling.

Aoi nodded. Yuki had truly awakened. The gentle, loving, peaceful and kind soul he was most of the time masked a much darker and deeper inner self, the mage of snow and ice. It took a lot to make him angry, but once angered, the Blessed Winter Enchanter of Dragons, the Shinsei Fuyu Majutsushi no Ryu never forgave easily and was a foe one lived to regret making.


Keiji and Juyo stood in the road waiting without talking, eyes fixed south. They could both sense him now, and a much greater power as well drawing nearer. Keiji turned his gaze to the woods and a mist like heavy fog began to roll in, from the mist Yuki stepped.

“Go back, this is no place for you.” Keiji snapped and Yuki shook his head as he walked up to face his lover.

“This is my place here.” Yuki said wrapping his arms around his lover’s neck pulling his face down to give a soft kiss. “Awaken my love, call your Eien Yoroi no Ryu.” Yuki whispered and Keiji’s eyes went wide.

“I am not the Hoshi no Ryu.”

“You are. Feel me surround you, draw from me your birthright.”

“Yuki… I…”

“You have no time, he is upon us, take your armor and fight. Protect us all and I will protect you.”


“Our bond, grasp it, seize it and pull.” Yuki said feeling Keiji’s inner self reach toward that thread that tied their souls together as one and as he pulled Yuki’s form evaporated into the mists, only his voice remained in Keiji’s mind.

“I am your sword, I am your shield, I am your wellspring, Eien Yoroi no Ryu!” Keiji felt on fire then frozen to the ground as his body began to be wrapped in the mist, his arms and legs encased in lightweight armor of pristine white that looked like dragon scales, his shield a great dragon head, his helm bore wings and instead of feathers, Yuki’s hair. His sword white light with no hilt, it came directly from his palm, he felt as if he could fly.

“You can fly my love. My Hoshi.” Yuki’s voice soft in his mind, reassuring.

“Hey if this getup gets scratched do you feel it?” Keiji asked suddenly terrified, this armor was Yuki.

“Getup? You look divine. And yes, I still feel, but you will not hurt me unless you die. I am bound to you, always.” Yuki seemed to caress his mind.

“I still cannot believe all this.”

“You never fully remember Keiji in your conscious mind, your memories are your instincts, heed them. You have countless experience where it matters most, follow your gut feelings.”

“I understand you remember everything consciously now?” Keiji asked and Juyo watched enthralled, actually seeing the re-birth of the Hoshi no Ryu and the Shinsei Fuyu Majutsushi no Ryu with his own eyes was something no one ever dreamed possible. And he was the witness to the legend.

It was as glorious to behold as all the legends spoke of, his own son the Shinsei Fuyu Majutsushi no Ryu brought prideful tears to his eyes. The Eien Yoroi no Ryu was more beautiful beyond words, but then again so was the man behind the armor. The Shinsei Fuyu Majutsushi no Ryu was also a legend for his sheer beauty. Male or female could not compare. It was clear the armor was also a reflection of the man who created the armor for his lover to wear.

“Yes, everything.” Yuki added a hint of unmistakable lust lacing his voice. A ghostly hand caressing body and mind and for the first time in Keiji’s life he blushed a bright red. He coughed and sputtered and seeing as Juyo only heard his side of the conversation, the look of confusion on his face made Keiji blush an even deeper hue.

“What’s wrong Hoshi?”

“First, Keiji is just fine and second your son had better be making me promises he can keep!”

Yuki’s laughter rang like bells in Keiji’s mind. “Most assuredly they are promises I intend on keeping.”

“I don’t think I want to know what he is saying to you do I?” Juyo asked blushing a little himself now.

“No you don’t.” Keiji responded as the sounds of hooves approached. “Here he comes.”

“Tell my father to stand back, we can handle this one.” Yuki said, malice lacing his tone.

“Yuki says to stand back, and are you sure Yuki?”

“Absolutely. I want this one.”

“This time I won’t argue with you love, I can hear it in your voice.” Keiji said feeling a chill creep down his spine at the hatred surging through him. The painful memories surging and pulsating, the armor glowing red hot to the eye yet cool on Keiji’s skin.

Yogore rode into the mists and pulled up hard on the reigns, the mysterious fog was dripping with power. “Come out Bastard, play time is over you are going back where you belong.” Yogore sneered and the mists parted with a flair for the dramatic revealing Keiji standing there in full armor.

“Yuki says if you wish to keep your hide in tact, you turn around and ride back the way you came.” Keiji grinned loving the wide-eyed look Yogore gave them.

“If you think fancy tricks and mimicking a painting of the Hoshi no Ryu will scare me you are mistaken.”

“I’m afraid this is no trick.” Keiji said holding up his sword above his head, which pulsated and flashed in a shower of sparks.

“Where is the Bastard?”

“All around you. The mist, my armor, my sword, he is everywhere and nowhere. And he’s quite angry. Yuki gives you one final warning, turn around and never come back.”

“The Bastard is calling himself Yuki? How quaint. You are not the Hoshi no Ryu and he is certainly not the Shinsei Fuyu Majutsushi no Ryu.” Yogore sneered holding up his hands and letting a blast of red energy shoot from his fingers toward Keiji. The armor flashed and the red tendrils of power were absorbed harmlessly.

A second flash and a sphere of pure white light flew from the sword in a blur and before he could deflect it, Yogore was thrown from his mount, stunned at the force of the blast. This was not an act, he was looking at the real Hoshi no Ryu, he had returned. He was in serious trouble facing this man alone, the Shinsei Fuyu Majutsushi no Ryu was the source of the Hoshi’s power, and that man was almost impossible to defeat. It would take an army to bring them down, Yogore hurriedly remounted.

“Fine, you win this time. Take the bastard and go, but know if you let me go, I will return to claim him. I had him once under my control and I will have him back.”

Keiji spoke for himself this time. “You would have to kill me to have him, be glad Yuki is letting you go. I’m of a mind to kill you right here right now and be done with it. “ Keiji spat, wanting to rip this man apart with his bare hands, but Yuki was tired, the blast took a lot of his energy, his body was still very weak.

Yogore turned and raced back toward Kanashimi Keep, and the armor melted from Keiji’s body and a limp body fell into Keiji’s arms.

“I’m exhausted.” Yuki gasped as Keiji picked him up.

“But brave to face him like that, I dare say the Yuki that was is no more, fear no longer rules you.”

“No, I am ruled by a much more beautiful emotion.”

Keiji quirked an eyebrow and Yuki smiled and laid a hand to Keiji’s cheek. “Love.”

“That is true, and please forgive yourself. I know what happened the last time and it was never your fault. Tetsuya or Keiji, or whatever else you have called me, one thing my guts tell me is the same, I would never blame you for something like that. Forgive yourself.”

With that Yuki’s eyes drifted shut the smile tugging at his lips. “Koishii Koibito Aishiteru.”

“I love you too.” Keiji said joining Juyo by the road, Aoi leading a terrified horse from the forest cover.

“He hates you too I see.” Keiji said and Aoi smiled.

“Horses know our true forms, what beast faces a dragon willingly?” Aoi said handing the reigns to Juyo.

“Follow me, I will open the ancient pathway, we will be to Green Grove in a few minutes, where we can call a rest with our friends. Akai tells me the others are already there and waiting.

“So you both can bend time and space like I’ve heard?” Keiji asked as he carried Yuki as they walked a golden road.

“So, my son, can you. You have yet to really awaken, you are not of age yet. You will learn what you need to learn when we get you both home and can train you to use your gifts. Yuki thankfully needs no training, just rest and recuperation from years of abuse to his body.” Aoi said as they walked.

“Why didn’t you raise me yourself?” Keiji asked the niggling question that had to be asked.

“If you are born to fight for the people, is it not best you fight for them because you love them? You needed exposure to them, know their customs and ways, you needed to learn to be one of them. You needed Yuki. Believe me, had I a choice and you were not born to be more than just my beloved son, I would indeed keep you at my home and heart always.” Aoi said, a hint of sadness in her tone.

“I’m sorry Okasan.” Keiji replied with regret he’d asked the question.

“Do not be my son, you have every right to know why we give you to a guardian to be raised, it is natural for you to ask that question. You do every time.” Aoi smiled as they walked into Green Grove during the pre-dinner hour rush.

The first to greet them was Tohru and Saya as they entered the Inn, close behind them was Jujun and a man that Keiji did a rather comical double take when he spied him. It was like looking into a mirror, almost. There was no doubt in his mind his gut reaction was perfect. Keiji bowed his head seeing as his arms were still full of a sleeping wizard. “Tosan?”

Akai smiled “Musuko.” Akai replied in kind, gesturing to the stairs. “Lets get him in a bed, I watched through Aoi’s eyes, not your most impressive debut, but good to see you like that again.”

“I’m not sure how I feel about all this yet, it’s rather much to digest still.” Keiji said truthfully as he climbed the stairs behind Akai as he led them to their room.

“Understandable, you are both very young this time. You are both usually quite a few years older when you come together. Here, this room is yours. The old knight and the brusque basan are next to you, the children on the other side. Juyo the first door we passed and your Mother and I prefer other accommodations. We do not wear this form as often as you do my son.” Akai said as Keiji laid Yuki in bed and pulled the covers up over him.

“I’ve never known another. I guess that’s one of my lessons?” Keiji sighed kicking off his boots.

“Aye. But for now rest with him, we will bring you food -- he will need some very soon, but you more. He always does.” Akai said with a wink as he almost skipped out of the room.

Keiji just shook his head, his parents seemed to know more about Yuki than he did and it was almost irritating.

“They have memories of me you don’t that’s all my love.” Yuki said trailing a hand up Keiji’s back where he sat perched on the side of the bed.

“What I want to know is what that last comment meant, he looked far too saucy.” Keiji said turning to look at Yuki whose face was flushed and whose eyes were heavy lidded.

Yuki’s hands reached up, and his fingers entwined behind Keiji’s neck and a gentle tug brought Keiji’s form down close atop Yuki where he lay.

“It meant just what you think it meant. I have just been intimately wrapped around your body, it -- DOES things to me.”

Keiji smirked. “In other words you get a raging hard-on for me?”

Yuki groaned. “I tried to put that in less crass and more subtle ways, but yes. Becoming the Eien Yoroi no Ryu is our most intimate partnership, I need completion after, and don’t you dare deny that you also have been needing this.”

“Yuki I never lie. I could barely stand up back there! I got hard the moment you put that thing on me.”

“That “thing” is me. That is why you feel this way.”

“That makes battle rather difficult don’t you think?” Keiji purred as he undid Yuki’s ruined top.

“We do not use the armor coupling often, it was just visually impressive and functional this time, seeing as you cannot shift your form yet into your true shape. I only become your armor when you must be in this form. It does make battle difficult for us both.” Yuki panted as Keiji trailed kisses down a now nude torso.

“Thanks for the warning.” Keiji growled as he circled a lazy tongue around Yuki’s navel.

“Unnnnn, you loved it.” Yuki half chuckled half purred as Keiji’s mouth and tongue did obscene things as Yuki’s breeches disappeared from his legs, exposing his almost painful looking erection.

“I did.” Keiji countered standing and shedding his own clothes.

Yuki’s sat up faster than Keiji had seen him move before and Keiji’s knees buckled and he went tumbling into sheets when a very wicked mouth encased him and began to make good on one earlier promise made that day.

“By the goddesses, Yuki!” Keiji gasped as he strained to watch his lover’s head bob up and down giving him more pleasure than he’d ever imagined. “Get over here where I can reach you damn it!” Keiji growled grabbing hold of Yuki so he would place his legs on either side of Keiji’s head, then flipping them over so Yuki’s back was in the mattress, Keiji began his own movements. Licking and sucking with his own desire to taste and feel, while thrusting gently and slowly into an equally eager mouth, seeking in earnest a completion to their intimate metaphysical coupling.

It was frantic paced, they both needed release, and it came as swiftly as it began. Keiji sat up to watch Yuki almost savor the taste of him, fingers dabbing at the corners of his mouth, almost afraid of missing it all. “You look quite decidedly wicked right now.” Keiji teased and Yuki cracked open one eye then the other and grinned.

“I have missed that. I have missed you. Even when I didn’t know what precisely I was missing, I missed you. Crazy that sounds, I know, but it’s true. This reincarnation of mine dreamed of you the most, almost constantly I saw you in my dreams, faceless you were, but the love I felt in those dreams is the same. I needed you desperately, I was so alone.” Yuki said moving to crawl into Keiji’s arms.

Keiji gathered Yuki into his arms and inhaled deeply, the scent of lust and musk from their primal urges to couple felt like a warm elixir in the pit of his stomach. This raw desire he felt for this boy barely a man was almost frightening in its intensity.

“I have never felt so damn possessive over anything as I feel about you right now.” Keiji’s voice was gruff as his arms tightened around Yuki’s shoulders.

“That is because you are what you are. The desires you feel are proof you are a dragon and no mere man. You feel things much more intensely than others. You were like this from the very first time you took a youth from his bath and made violent love to him right out in the open on the lakeshore.” Yuki chuckled.

“I did that?”

“You did. Little did I know that beautiful red sleeping dragon on the cliff above me was spying on me. One minute I was washing my hair, the next I was bent in half with you having your wicked way with me. Good thing really we are Koibito bonded, that sort of introduction to each other isn’t usually what one considers romantic. But you do tend to, how do I put this, act first ask questions later. Like the question ‘what is your name’?” Yuki laughed mid thought. “You didn’t even ask my name until a few days later. And when I didn’t have one to give, you named me Yuki. Then you took me back to your home and kept me naked for days, I couldn’t walk for a week.”

“Fuck me, I’m sorry.” Keiji said in shock.

“Don’t be, you were and are a wonderful lover, and times then were much different than they are now. The Shizuka were still a primitive race ourselves. Our relationship now still reaches back to our first one in many ways. Our souls have not changed. You are a dragon, you burn within, I feed off your fire. We are matched well.” Yuki said sitting up to stretch.

“And I do believe our father’s are about to descend upon us with food, we might want to cover ourselves.” Yuki said just as the knock came to the door and two young men wrapped in sheets greeted their sires, gratefully accepting the offered food.

Akai grinned at the disheveled pair and winked. “Eat up, and rest. We head out in the morning for Midori Yama Mori.”

Keiji smiled and then just stared in shock when a breathless voice of long love and sincerely longing came from Yuki’s lips... “Home.”


Keiji sat in wonder watching the “new” Yuki make his way through their meal. The way he handled the Hashi utensils like a master where the day before he’d never held them in his life. The way he favored one food over another, where in his current existence he had never tasted them before. Yuki looked up from his bowl of rice and smiled.

“This body may have never tasted, but I remember what I used to like.” Yuki said smiling over his bowl and tapping Keiji’s with his Hashi. “Yours grows cold.”

“I can’t help it, I’m finding you fascinating at the moment. How do you feel?” Keiji asked taking a bite of his own meal.

“I am healed for the most part. I repaired the damage on the inside earlier. What I cannot heal with my gifts is this body’s poor condition. I am malnourished which makes me weak, and this body still has not stopped growing either. I’m afraid I will be stunted in this life, there is some damage to this form even time will not fully heal.”

“I like you as you are if that helps.”

Yuki smiled. “Of that I had no doubt.”

“Just making sure.” Keiji grinned pouring them both glasses of the fresh apple cider that had been brought in to them.

“Tell me, is our home still near the Saishi Izumi?” Yuki asked and Keiji almost spilled his glass.

“How did you know there was a house near the Saishi Izumi?”

“We put it there. We have always lived there once we found those springs.”

“The house is there, no one lives in it, but Kasan always went to clean it.” Keiji said remembering how his foster mother always tended the vacant structure.

“The Guardians take care of more than just you and I when we are born, they tend to our legacy as well. Tell me my peach and cherry trees are still there!”

Keiji laughed. “Hai, Hai… your grove is strong. I take it you like Peaches?”

“Adore them. Just as you must have grown up raiding the cherry trees, those were planted for you after all.”

“I did, you know my favorite fruit?”

“I remember.” Yuki smiled wistfully, his eyes shimmering with tears. Keiji didn’t need to be asked, he held open his arms and Yuki crawled onto Keiji’s lap and into them, burying his tears into Keiji’s shoulder.

“Don’t cry Love.” Keiji soothed and Yuki sniffled but did not move.

“This is a wholly new emotion, I am overwhelmed. My memories of you are keen -- my memories of my life now are just as keen. I was so devastatingly alone. You’ve no idea what I have lived through these past sixteen, nigh on seventeen years. The pain and the torment were almost unbearable. Now gone they are, once again you waltz into my life and change it forever. You give me such joy in life Keiji, my heart feels like bursting I love you so very much.” Yuki spoke still nestled in Keiji’s embrace.

“I feel your love in our bond, I feel all your emotions. I’m sure you feel mine. I didn’t think I could love you as much as I do, and it just seems to expand the more I am with you.” Keiji returned in kind, kissing Yuki’s hair atop his head. “Shall we go to bed? I think I’d just like to hold you while we sleep.” Keiji said without waiting for an answer, and picking Yuki up and carrying him to bed.

There were no objections as Yuki rested his head on Keiji’s chest.

Sleep was deep and restful for the great powers that had been newly reborn into the world.


Keiji was awakened by the sound of quiet conversation and the smell of warm honey rosehip tea and fresh bread. He cracked open an eye and saw Yuki and his father talking softly, seated at the table, sharing a light morning meal over tea and catching up on the past sixteen years.

“Finally awake I see.” Yuki said turning his head toward the bed and his smile was more radiant than morning sunshine.

“Hai.” Keiji said yawning and sitting up rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “I slept like the dead.” He added, stumbling over toward the table trying to hold a blanket around his nakedness and not fall over said blanket as he crossed the room with newly wakened muddled senses.

“I’m not surprised.” Yuki chuckled into his tea cup as Keiji flopped into a vacant chair and reached for the still warm bread sitting in a basket on the table removing a slice and liberally slathering equally warm apple butter on it and eating it all in a matter of a few bites.

“And that doesn’t surprise me either. Have an appetite this morning Koishii?” Yuki teased and Keiji grinned licking butter off his fingers.

“You can quit that, you know damn well I do.” Keiji replied with a saucy smirk, not taking his lover’s bait, he was good for one blush in a blue moon, his quota was met for the interim.

Juyo laughed and then sighed. “I can see things will be more than entertaining when around the pair of you.” He said shaking his head in happy resignation.

Keiji just grinned, full of wicked mischief, then noticed for the first time Yuki’s attire. Keiji’s hand stopped in mid stroke, the bread and butter forgotten as he drank in the sight. Yuki’s hair was free from his braid, yet it still held a wave where the plait had been and it cascaded over his shoulders in wild abandon. But the part that caught his attention most was the sky blue Shizuka robe embroidered with midnight blue threads in an orchid blossom motif. The robe was loosely tied and a part of Yuki’s chest was exposed, and a graceful knee and leg was visible where Yuki’s legs were crossed. To put it simply, Yuki looked divine and wholly Shizuka. The transformation of the tattered filthy boy to the graceful swan of a young man was staggering to behold.

“Where did you get that robe?” Keiji breathed in wonder and Yuki eyes closed in mirth as he smiled as he cocked his head in amusement.

“Otosan. My clothes from yesterday were ruined. He went out last night to the market and brought me a few things this morning. This is lovely, isn’t it?” Yuki asked running a hand over the silken material of his sleeve. “I must say, material has come a long way in seven hundred years. This is so soft.” He added and Juyo and Keiji both did a double-take at the last comment.

“Silk was around then.” Keiji said and Yuki shook his head.

“It was, just not this refined or soft. Not to mention the artisan who did this embroidery is a master with the needle.” Yuki said reaching for the tea pot and refilling his cup and everyone else’s on the table with the fragrant rose tea.

“It’s amazing the history contained in your head my son. It must be wonderful to know so much.” Juyo said and Yuki’s face took on a soft, almost sad look.

“Sometimes. Other times I long for something new. Yesterday I was lost in the newness of my life. The wonderful man who had come into it, all the new friends I never knew I had. The joy of my first real bath, my first kiss. Today? Things this body may have not had the joy of knowing, the mind now knows. It will be hard to find joy in small things now. Knowledge is a trade off. It helps us in many things, and hinders us in others.”

Keiji took Yuki’s hand and kissed his palm. “Then I’ll just have to find new ways to surprise you if I can.” He said and Yuki smiled.

“If anyone can succeed in that promise, you certainly can.” Yuki replied interlacing his fingers with Keiji’s.

“Well I think I’ll let you two finish breaking your fast. I’m sure the others are just finishing up as well. I think we should meet in the common room downstairs in a hour and be on our way.” Juyo said standing and Yuki stood with him and embraced him fondly.

“Otosan. Thank you. I pray with all my heart we find more time soon to get to know each other better.” Yuki said and Juyo returned the embrace tightly.

“Yuki, I have you alive and well, believe me there is nothing in this world that will stop me from spending as much time with my son as possible.” Juyo reassured before excusing himself and exiting the room.

“Did you have a nice talk with him?” Keiji asked his mouth half full of bread and apple butter.

“Yes. He told me of my mother and how much apparently I look like she.” Yuki spoke as he removed the robe and began dressing in the other garments Juyo had procured for him. In place of the robe, Yuki pulled on warm doe skin breeches, dyed in a slate blue hue. Next came a simple white undershirt with full oversized sleeves and over that a matching slate colored doeskin vest with a high fitted collar designed to keep the cold out. The low boots of the same doeskin, lined with lambs wool a perfect fit as Yuki slipped them over his feet.

“You look fantastic in clothes that fit you properly.” Keiji commented, drinking his tea, leaning back in his chair, the blanket covering him long gone, and his quite apparent approval met Yuki’s eyesight as he turned around to look at Keiji.

“Thank you, and I just managed to put it on, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a while until it comes off again.” Yuki said grinning at his lover’s desire and picking up a hair brush and wincing as he found a particularly stubborn knot in his hair.

“Come here. Sit down, allow me.” Keiji said and Yuki sat in a chair handing Keiji the brush in the process. Closing his eyes as Keiji ran the brush through his long almost knee length hair. Once brushed, Keiji braided the long tresses again. “I really do like it long like this. Your hair is gorgeous.” Keiji added tossing the brush on the bed and flopping down upon it with a smile still on his face.

“I promised never to cut it and I won’t. You always did like my hair long.” Yuki said straddling Keiji on the bed and leaning over to place a long lingering kiss on Keiji’s lips before sitting up and licking his lips. “Mmmmm, apple butter and dragon, what a tasty combination.” Yuki purred and Keiji laughed still flat on his back on the bed.

“Keep that up and we’ll be late.” Keiji chuckled dumping Yuki unceremoniously off his lap and standing up to dress himself.

“Wait, Otosan brought some for you too.” Yuki said getting up to hand Keiji his new garments. “Apparently my father has a flair for the dramatic, and I must thank him later. You will look good enough to eat in this.” Yuki said holding out the black suede breeches, vest and knee high boots, black shirt with red trim and black cloak. Cut in the same fashion as Yuki’s garments but in color a stark contrast.

Once dressed Yuki whistled low through his teeth, “It’s my turn to salivate. You look wonderful. My father has a good sense of color to compliment our natural coloring.”

“Well if we’re out to make an impression, these will help add atmosphere indeed. Come on Koi, let’s go meet the others and go home. I want you out of those clothes later, so the sooner we get home, the sooner I get you naked.”

“You have a one track mind Kojiro Keiji.”

“And you don’t?”

“I cannot lie, I love being young with you, in every life you are a wonderful lover.”

“And you Koishii are inspiration and temptation.” Keiji smirked taking Yuki’s hand as they headed downstairs.


The rest of the chapters are here for interested parties.


Busy weekend.. Got thrashed in hate journals, did laundry, freed up 30GB on my computer by finally getting around to burning anime downloads to disk, had my laptop network vanish again and I spent 3 hours trying to fix it to no avail...

and now off to Watch Harry Potter DVD's with Mom and Rick

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