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On mindless anonymous hatred in general...

Hey Pond don't feel bad I got blasted too on that thing we made it mommy people hate us! Ashura, Orla and I and Radio Drama blues Oh My...

WHATEVER... I love the anonymous wanking of me and LORENA here.(Since when are we interchangeable people?)

In my own defense... I am a writer for my own enjoyment, my Education, in all things other than MUSIC, is High School level ONLY, and I've been OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL for fifteen years, and where my English and Grammar are concerned, my memory perhaps cannot remember every lesson I learned, but I DO try. This does not make me evil incarnate. This makes me average Joe Schmoe.

SO Yes, I make a BUTT LOAD of mistakes. I NEVER said I didn't. I have no beta readers, if I don't catch it -- it don't get caught. I wrote my stories because I wanted to, I didn't write them for you. I wrote them for ME.

I always thought my characterizations were decent, but after all they are MY PERCEPTIONS, I never expected everyone to agree with me, I am expressing my opinion in my stories, I'm allowed to do that, you are allowed to read or NOT, your choice. I'm not forcing anyone to read my stories or look at my pictures. I didn't staple you to a chair and force you to read and what tickles me most? I love the "she does this in ALL her fics" which tells me you read ALL my fics... if you hated them so very much why did you read beyond the first paragraph of the first story that you hated so very much? Anyone care to explain that one to me?

As for my EGO problems, I'm just tired of this accusation. I just don't see it but... FINE I am bitch queen from hell to you. I'm really sorry if I fly off the handle at something THAT HURTS MY FEELINGS AND I DEFEND MYSELF I'm FUCKING HUMAN WITH EMOTIONS.

I think people confuse EGO with PRIDE... I DO have a fucking backbone where I won't roll over and allow someone to fuck me up the ass with a spike with no lube without standing up for myself and my beliefs.

There is a difference. I am not a passive, demure, lay-about by any means.... I have PRIDE in myself I am not an egomaniac and those two things are not interchangeable.

I have never said I am TEH BEST EVAR!!!1111 and do not believe it in the slightest. I have room to improve, lots and lots and LOTS of room to improve. And ANYONE who thinks different are just kidding themselves. There is no such thing as perfection, there is ALWAYS someone BETTER THAN YOU.

If you got a problem with me, have the GUTS to say it to my face, not make some anonymous post in a community somewhere "safe" you bloody cowards.

You're quick to throw some HARSH words and accusations of people I admire and of myself, shredding people for the sake of shredding people is LOW, Much lower than the "bad fics crime" bull shit you're ranting about... and none of you have the BALLS to keep your NAME on what evil venom you spit.

You're the people with problems, not us.

Here's your chance, step up to the plate, you want to shred me GO FOR IT RIGHT HERE, comments are on.

You want to rip me apart go for it, just have the fucking GUTS to leave your name on it, and accept rebuttal like a real human being.

P.S... DAMN LJ!! Post it ONCE, not 8 million times! Sorry for the explosion of posts, I hit "post entry" only once I swear!

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