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X = Yes
-- = No

(X) I have never been drunk
(X) I never have smoked pot
(--) I never have kissed a member of the opposite sex
(--) I never have kissed a member of the same sex
(X) I never crashed a friend's car
(X) I have never been to Japan
(--) I never rode in a taxi
(--) I never have been in love
(--) I never had sex
(--] I never have had sex in public
(--) I never have been dumped
(X) I never shoplifted
(--) I never have been fired
(X) I have never cut myself on purpose
(--) I never have been in a fist fight
(X) I never had a 3-some
(--) I never snuck out of my parent's house
(O_o I plead the Fifth!) I never have been tied up (sexually)
(--) I never been caught masturbating
(X) I never pissed on myself
(--) I never had sex with a member of the opposite sex
(X) I never have been arrested
(X) I never made out with a stranger
(--) I never stole anything from my job (PENS COUNT FOLKS!!!)
(X) I never celebrated New Year's in Time Square
(--) I never went on a blind date
(X) I never lied to a friend
(X) I never had a crush on a teacher
(X) I never celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans
(X) I never have been to Europe
(--) I never skipped school
(--) I never slept with a co-worker (I was MARRIED TO ONE!!!)
(X) I never have been fisted and/or have fisted anyone
(X) I never have thrown up in a bar
(X) I never have purposely set myself on fire
(--) I never have eaten sushi
(X) I never have been snowboarding
(--) I never have been happy with myself
(--) I never have met a movie star
(X) I never had sex in a pool
(--) I never went to a prom
(X) I never bungee jumped
(X) I never have been to a pop concert
(--) I never have dated someone for over a year
(X) I never sold naked pictures of myself
(--) I have never been in a car accident
(X -- ?) I have never seen a dog naked. (??? No clue what that means)
(--) I have never slept in the nude.
(--) I have never had a one night stand.
(--) I've never eaten cheesecake (It's a FOOD GROUP for me!)
(X) I have never had sex in a moving airplane

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