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Pissed Off

Dear Lawn Guys,

I already get up over an hour early at 7 a.m. on Wednesday’s in order to clean up the dog shit and lock up the dog so you don't trod in POO and get your ass bit.

coming at 6:40 am?

You can get your ass bitten and your shoes ruined.

FUCKTARDS I really hate being woken up in a panic by the sound of my dog barking like a lunatic and your damn leaf blowers and lawn movers, that is TOO EARLY TO COME IN A RESIDENTIAL AREA!!!


Your pissed off client who will be complaining about you dorks who can't seem to understand ENGLISH to your bosses later.

P.S. I've asked you REPEATEDLY to come at a SET TIME not earlier and earlier and earlier and earlier because you feel like it, schedule's are GOOD THINGS when your clients need to PROTECT YOU FROM HUGE DOGS and piles of steaming dog crap!!

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