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How to Irritate D
Lesson 47

Throw a block party, block off the street I live on, throw the party on my block

and not invite EVERYONE on the street.

That's just rude.

Rick and I went out to check the mail and my next door neighbor Tom is heading out to join the party and asks "Aren't you going?"

Me: "..."

Tom: (light-bulb goes on) "They didn't invite everyone?"

Me: "No"

Tom: *sweatdrop*

Me: "How did your daughter like the anime I gave her?" (I gave her my Hong Kong Fruits Baskets Bootleg, I bought the US release I didn't need 2 sets)

Tom (grateful for change of subject) "She loved it."

Me: "Good, see you later."

So Rick and I are sitting here fooling about and watching Utena.

LOUD so the screaming children outside are drowned out.

Words of advise to folks who throw block parties... it's usually quite polite to inform EVERYONE on the street you're going to have it *AND* block off the road.

I can't even get out to go to the frigging STORE. Insult to injury... glad we have shit to nibble on in the house and I have about 4 smokes left because there's no way short of WALKING a mile I'm gonna get supplies.


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