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Still the UNDISPUTED QUEEN of Skee Ball

I wrote this into Greased Wing, my love of this game.

Well the Carnival is Back in town, and I had 10 dollars.

I was going to stop and get a caramel apple, but right next to the concession stand, was a whole gleaming bank of my favorite carnie game.


So at 2 dollars a play (I remember when they were a fucking quarter!!!)
I said gimme 5 games, 6 balls a game (once upon a time you got 9 balls.)

To win you have to hit 150
and you get a dinky toy.

Piece of cake!

You can trade that toy in for the next bigger if you win again.

For 10 wins you get the BIG prize.

Now then, I had six balls per game.... I turned to the attendant before play... "What if I get higher than 150 per game?"

Attendant: "At 300 it counts for 2 wins."

Me: OKAY, gimme 5 games and stand back.

Attendant looked at me like I was seriously not a threat.


Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with a teddy bear the size of Cleveland.


Perfect 300 Game all Five games, 10 wins.

Not bad for 10 bucks.

But I'm thinking I should have got my caramel apple, I've no clue what to do with this green monstrosity!


But I so kick ass at that game, and I've not lost my touch seeing as I haven't played this for at least 5 years if not going on 10!


I managed to do all this with my great big honking suitcase I call a purse hanging off my arm throwing me off balance to boot! (What set my purse DOWN? Are you nuts?) So not bad at all, I'm pleased with myself tonight.

Simple pleasures!

Happy D!

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