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Up early...

I have to get up early on Wednesdays to do "Poo Poo patrol"

i.e.: Clean up the dog shit so the gardeners don't trod in it....

So I'm futzing around the net before work

I am a member of 3 cliques of size 8

Find the largest clique containing:

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fablespinner Highway
Bewilderment Avenue5
County Jail12
Valley of Depression120
Fame City549
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?

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Biggest fan vr2lbast
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A Fairytale staring you! Part 1
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You go- home
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You end up- stealing money from weary travelers
You have- blue eyes
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You marry- an evil queen/king
Kids?- you have plants- who needs kids?
You live- in a palace
Your job is- to save the people
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and will post this later LJ has been a right PUTZ all week, now my journal username apparently no longer exists when I try to post. (and I know it's not LJ's fault, the PUTZ was the dork doing the Dns attacks.... DIE DWEEB!)


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