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Rhetorical Question #237 -- "Why?"

I can and will NEVER understand Fandom Wank Really I can't.

I've tried to sit here, occasionally and once in a blue moon, to try and grasp and see the point of it, I've tried reading a few entries and just go shake my head.

That place is "wankier" than the shit they are complaining about.. moreover... WHO FUCKING CARES?

Leave idiots alone, ignore them you don't have to listen... really. It's like picking a scab, why do you do it if it hurts?

Yes, there are sucky fics out there, remember the first few fics YOU WROTE? Guess what THEY SUCKED TOO! (I know mine certainly did and still DO! But you know what, I ENJOY MYSELF! That's the whole POINT)

Give new writers a fucking break already, let them enjoy their Mary Sues on ice, and go find yourself a bloody slash fic fuck fest-o-rama you like by an author you like.

I'll not get into the real people stalkers fans calling themselves fans, people Orlando Bloom will not suddenly notice your tirades on his new girlfriend and leave and find John Rhys-Davies to shag because he reads it and gasps "HEY I AM GAY! supernekoprincessarwyn is RIGHT!!!! HERE GIMLI HERE ARAGORN!!!!"






I remember why I never visit that place it's full of the BITCHY crazy crowd.

I prefer the mundane crazies.

*hugs f-list*

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