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It's Official as of Today...


I am no longer a TEMP

6+ months and they AT LAST hired the remaining 3 of us from the class of 50 that started last DECEMBER.

Only Myself, Jennifer, and Arica remained, granted the job is HARD and the demands are really high, but that's still a HUGE turn around.

My benefits also Start officially Monday, so YAY I can actually see a DOCTOR when I get sick again, and get the UPPER PARTIAL for my teeth!

Eating with all my teeth again, I'll not know what to do, it's been over a year since they yanked all my fricking teeth and I got the part partial and maxed my COBRA benefits before I could get the upper teeth done.

Oh Happy Day!

Which means when Rick's COBRA paperwork gets here when can see what's cheaper and if it's cheaper to add him to my Insurance we'll do it that way.

I am relieved.

I hate my job, but I like the security blanket MORE.

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