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POOF .. and then it was gone.

On-line DRAMA

I am so glad I saw that train wreck coming being semi stuck in the middle and BAILED AND RAN LIKE FUCK EONS AGO.

All parties involved are young, need a reality check, need to shake hands call a truce and TALK OUT THEIR PROBLEMS without accusations and without obsessive compulsive behavior and flying into irrational knee jerk reactions.

That's my only 2 cents. I'm leaving this VAUGE ON PURPOSE.

If you're clueless, don't worry, it's not about you. ~_^

To the rabble of side "Victims" ... I'm not taking sides, I could see they BOTH had personal issues that tended to push each other's buttons.

It's part of being human, you'll both survive the wreck and come out stronger.

I hope with all my heart.

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