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What does this MEAN?!?!?

Help the Technical impaired!

Okay at the fansubbers I download by clicking a handy link... I missed and episode and asked the message board how to get it,

the reply looks like bad stereo instructions to me.

HELP... can anyone decipher this?:

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2003 5:14 pm Post subject:


Go to channel:

All HOps (%) that hold [Akraze]Botname are Xdcc bots.

Type /msg [Akraze]botname xdcc list

You'll see a list... say Inuyasha 98 is #7

Than you type /msg [akraze]botname xdcc send #7

Good luck getting it, Xdcc bots are mostly fast, although some of them aren't as fast as others ^_^

WTF does this mean?


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