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the Arrival of the Bish....

See D

See Happy D

See Pissed off D because she has to go to work

See Sleeping Bish in her Bed

AH life is good and I'll pounce him later


took pictures this weekend (we got a new digital camera for the house YIPPEE) So I took it on it's maiden voyage to go pick up Rick, however it takes really HIGH QUALITY as in HUGE pics so there is going to be some shrinking of image dimensions first before I post, and no, you hentai's, I didn't take any rude snapshots.

The Drive to and From San Jose did a number on my back so poor Rick got to see spasms in action last night, at least he can't run off on me. ~_^

Crap out of time, off to work I go ... SHIT

oh and since Rick couldn't get this to work last night:

sentairick's LJ stalker is raighne!
raighne is stalking you because your LiveJournal is just SO damned interesting. They are also mentally deranged!

LiveJournal Username:

LJ Stalker Finder
From Go-Quiz.com


JAMI you naughty hentai!

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