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Okay HELLO? An important part of this (my favorite book of the lot) was the Marauder’s Map and what it SYMBOLIZED FRIENDSHIP WISE

How about spending 5 minutes letting LUPIN TELL HARRY ABOUT THE SIGNIFIGANCE at THE END!!!

Did not like this Director as much as Chris Columbus at ALL

and WTF happened to DRACO? When did his balls shrink up?


Tall and gangly and SKINNY!!!!

Where's my cute pudgy longbottom?

However Fred and George? Oh yeah, fuckible.

Ron and Harry's actors are growing into nice looking boys indeed.

The special effects as always are lovely, but I was really disappointed in the obviously LACK of character interaction. It's a CAST, and while Harry, Hermione and Ron are the main characters, it's the quirky ensemble that makes the books.

I really wanted to see Maggie Smith more I adore her, Explanation of HOW Hermione GOT the time device would have been good, had people NOT read the book that would have gone RIGHT over their heads how she did that little trick and *WHY* she was fucking with time. It was so she could take twice as many classes and MacGonnagle (okay I spelled that WRONG -- MAGGIE SMITH) helped her do it.

She had maybe all of 3 lines in this movie.

Lack of Snape (This was the book you learned a little of WHY he hates Harry so much -- important stuff people)

the HUGE lack of James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter relationship explanation... um HELLO? Details, important ones not there, and for someone to see this movie without book knowledge? They’d be going WTF?

Since PoA was my favorite book of the series, I was really looking forward to seeing some scenes that sadly were not there.

The seen where Hermione and the Divination (again, I can't spell the name properly) get "into" a fight.

It was all of a minute, no build up... it seemed like all of a sudden Hermione PMSed... they failed to show how much the teacher BAITED HER with insults before she CRACKED

I know they can't put it ALL in there, but really if you're going to include Hermione quitting the class, explanation WHY to non-book readers would have been a good idea.

I really hope Chris Columbus is Directing #4... did not like this one NEARLY as much as the first 2 books.

Okay enough movie BS... It was nice to go out with Mom (also a book reader) and we both sat there like the good little fangirls we are and go "Ah LUPIN!"


And oh my slashy little hentai mind wanting snogging between Remus and Sirius (Loved the snape line about "old Married Couple" I squeeeeeeeed!)

I needed the movie too, Rick's coming tomorrow and I've been a ball of crazy these past few days, it was nice to let go for a few hours and not fret about getting to the airport on time and getting the hotel etc...

sorry I missed your call love, but I'll SEE YOU TOMORROW BISH!!!


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