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Bad Day #2

I've had a horrible day...

still the babies are missing, then I find out this morning one of the co-workers that came in with me from my training class DIED.

The funeral is Friday morning, I used to bust on Greg something fierce, the last thing I said to him was "Greg, will you SIT THE FUCK DOWN?!?"

(he was one of those massive 'figeters' in class who paced the floor.)

And dead, boom.


No idea how he died, he was a no call no show for three days, no WONDER, I guessed he died over the weekend. Jason said he saw him last week at the drug store and he looked awful. So I've no clue what happened.

I'll find out Friday at the funeral (Of which I'm only excused from work for the service, so going into work right after, to be screamed at from banshees for 6 hours after
is gonna SUCK.)

Then I have overtime that day to boot, God knows when I'll get out of there... then I work Saturday (my day OFF) at seven am...

Then to cap today off, I get a Spoiler just before American Idol BLAM in my face and I cracked.

(Sorry for giving you such shit ashlie it was just like FUCK ME, can anything else blow up today? I was way harsh, sorry.)

I have 8 hours of overtime (at least 5 hours minimum mandatory, I'm scheduled 9:30 - 8pm Monday - Thursday no extra BREAKS mind you, and my last break is scheduled at 3:30 pm that last 4.5 hours will last forever.... My normal day? regimented break times.... Get this 9:30 CLOCK IN -- 12:30 break (10 minutes TIMED you clock out at break and you'd better be clocked back IN at 9:59 minutes ready to answer calls... so technically you have about a six minute break. You can PEE if you're lucky) -- 2:30 Lunch (half hour only and Cafeteria closes at 2pm mind you, I never eat lunch, no time to go get anything and if you bring it, some fucker eats it out of the fridge because they all eat lunch 2 hours before you.) -- 3:30 break (yeah I'm back all of a half hour before they make me take my last break) -- 6:00 HOME (add 2 hours all next week after that every day.)

So the Mandatory OT all Next week to put in will BLOW, but thankfully NEXT SATURDAY, I am getting away from the Bullshit into a wonderful, WONDERFUL weekend... Rick arrives for GOOD June 5th...

Hon be prepared for a sap fest that weekend, I'm be a blubbering idiot I'm sure.

Is it June 5th yet? I want this next week and a half OVER, it's sucking big time.

But I guess it's gonna make Saturday that much sweeter on the bright side.


I think I'm just gonna go to bed early tonight, I'm emotionally exhausted and snappish and all around uber bitchy and I'm sorry for biting off heads.


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Flavorful? O_o.. bed NOW


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