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I'm so sad...

I haven't seen Misty, Socket, or Slush for a almost a week...

Now cocoa puff has been missing since Sunday night...

they're too little to be weaned yet, the last I saw cocoa, we had a cuddle, played with the lanyard on my lighter and then she was playing in the heather bushes in the front yard...

for 48 hours now, Hime (mom) has been calling for them (She has this strange MEW and they always came when she mewed like that), she was keeping them under mom's car and in the bushes along side the house...

Hime sits on our path, calling and calling and nothing.

I'm so upset. I had Cocoa completely humanized, as soon as she was weaned she was guaranteed a home, she was that adorable and loveable, and gone.

She was my favorite, I PRAY some kid picked her up, took her home and said "Mommy can we keep her?" and Mom said yes.

I hope they can handle a 5 week old kitten properly. I hope she's loved and happy.

I only knew her a little over a week, and it feels like I lost a baby.

I'm gonna go cry now.


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