D's Daily Drama (fablespinner) wrote,
D's Daily Drama

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Testing, Testing, one, two, three...

Is this thing on?

Well, about bloody time! Tell me, why do I pay for this service if I go down with everyone else on free service?

Faster servers, special servers my ASS!

I'm a sucker boy howdy!


I need a smoke, Mom's transmission blew up (Thank God still on Warranty!!!), so I'm off to take her to get her car from the dealership, I have to work again this Saturday, I need to take Dad to Fresno Saturday afternoon to go putz around guitar center (I will be bored off my ass as Dad tries out EVERY SINGLE GUITAR hanging on the wall.) Trader Joes thankfully is next door and I can grocery shop a bit while he putters.

I need a vacation man, When's Yaoi-Con this year? I take my vacations then, and it can't be soon enough!


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