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What a DAY!

I have had an UBER BUSY DAY, It's 4:24 pm and I'm already ready for BED!

Day started out with Doing research for local printers for price quotes on a few promo items that turned into a massive business venture undertaking... I'm very excited about and I'll expound more on later when things are a little more concrete.

Then my task turned into even more research for Business Codes and Practices, statues for California commerce e and otherwise... etc...

Then when my end of the business important information tracking and contact e-mails sent EVERYWHERE was complete for the morning -- I hopped over to the pet store and got an igloo for the cats (It's technically a nifty ramp litter box, but the cats shite in the Bark in the garden and the neighbor dog eats the turds, GROSS little Golden Retriever mix. She’s a cutie, but loves cat shit. Go figure.) and picked up the bioptic ear cleaner (Gotta clean dog's ears if they have the stand up variety ears like mine does, they catch all sorts of dirt) and shampoo for the DOG.

Then it was the exhausting process of cleaning said ears (Which Kaiser hates, but is soooo GOOD about letting me do it, I wouldn't want shit squirted into my ear canals either then rubbed in vigorously before I'm allowed to shake it out) and then WASHING the behemoth beast.

Last weigh in at the Vet last weekend he was 90 pounds, perfect weight for his build, joints good, no signs dysphasia (Because he's NOT AKC bred!!! He's 100% German Stock. Damn American Breeders of German Shepherds, they're not supposed to have such drastically sloped hind quarters they are HERDING/WORKING DOGS, they should be ridge back!.)

Also got his maintenance immunizations he gets every few years, Parvo, distemper, etc... while we were there, he gets his Rabies Vaccine again next June, he's still got another year on that one. He's healthy as a horse, and damn near of a size. My Vet (The Lovely French Lady Mirielle Rabier, who calls Kaiser "Bubbie", tries to bribe him with doggie cookies (Which he hates LOL), and then tries to get me to breed him before we do the old snip here next year. He's getting older and he'll be Six in August and anytime after age six you really should neuter for prostrate health. Cuts down the risks of cancer. I'm still chewing my lip over that. I don't want to lop off his balls, he'll bulk up and he's already massive, but then again I worry about his health. So it's a catch 22, I fret a lot over my animals.

They're my Babies. But where was I?


He takes damn near an entire bottle of shampoo that first wash of the season (I don't and you shouldn't wash an outdoor dog in the winter months, too cold.) SO this is really his first bath in 7 months, he NEEDED IT. I brush him just about daily, but damn he was one dusty hound when the water started flying.

He must feel 100% better, he was starting to get "itchy" now that the weather is regularly in the 90's and above.

Now I'm all sweaty and tired, and he's all perky and skippy after an invigorgating cold shower in the hose.

Dad is currently taking over to toss the ball about for him so he can dry off a little in the sun and expend the extra energy.

The current fish count is now 15, I bought a couple of algae eaters and literally OVERNIGHT, they made the tanks CRYSTAL CLEAR. They were starting to get just a little "filmy" on the inside, and I got up this morning and WHAMMO, Perfectly clean glass.

So the little Algae eaters are...

In the small 2.5 gallon tank "Hickey"

and the two in the big 10 gallon tank?

Steve and Mick (As in Steve Tyler and Mick Jagger, yeah I know.. IT WAS THEIR LIPS!!!! SUE ME! I'm not PC when I name my pets.)


I had to Replace "Oreck" a couple of (maybe four or so) weeks ago, one of the three bottom feeders I bought originally, he looked like he had a stroke. He started swimming in right circles, his entire left side stopped working. It was weird, it took him 48 hours to die, I felt bad, but he wouldn't let me fish him out to be humane and kill him quick... Nooooooo. He hid in the Shinto shrine! (Yeah, I have a Shinto shrine in the tank -- Maybe he was praying to ancestors? I dunno.)

SO Oreck was replaced by "Swifer" and he's doing great. (Hey the bottom feeders are the Vacuum cleaners, why not name them after their biological function? ^_^)

So the D-Doolittle Pet Count goes:

Kaiser - German Shepherd
Hime and Chibi - The Kitty Queens
Sanzo and Goyjo -- The Bettas
Hoover, Swifer, and Kirby - The bottom Feeders
Hickey, Steve and Mick - The Algae Eaters
Quatre-Spaz - The Guppy
Kiba - The While Mollie
Arnold and Rimmer - The Red Coral Dwarfs (*groan* I know bad!)
Amiboshi and Suboshi - The Neon Tetras
Kyo - The Orange - Black finned - Long finned Tetra.

I'm seriously mental, and boy oh boy do I spend a lot of time taking care of the menagerie!

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