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SICK, I'm physically SICK!

I am absolutely


with America and the fucking power voters.

It's a TRAVESTY to talent.

America you tone deaf


First the insane John Stevens BULLSHIT


Now LaToya

Jennifer, LaToya....

you're both Winners, and trust me, the powers that be in the Industry know talent, you are not gone.

If America cans Fantasia (Always my favorite from Day 1, the second she opened that mouth and hit me between the eyes with serious soul lifting talent)....

I'm moving to Fucking CANADA!

LaToya and Fantasia should have been the top two, you little piss ant fangirls and boys with mommy and daddy speed dialers need to DIE!

This is a TALENT COMPETITION, not who is cutest!!!!

(Even though I thought LaToya was one SEXY LADY, I'd do her!)

If they don't change the vote next year, I am not watching American Idol. This has RUINED it for me.

I'm so pissed off.

Where can I check my Music Degree? It's fucking worthless if THIS is the extent of Music Savvy America possess, Save the Music programs? HA!!!

Tone Deaf bastards, why save it? America's content to destroy it in favor of a cute girl with mediocre talent, who needs five more years serious training under her belt to be a pro. She has a nice voice, but she's inconsistent, she's has no control of her diaphragm which makes extended notes fall FLAT, and if she falls out of key it takes her too many measures to recover, BECAUSE SHE IS SIXTEEN YEARS OLD AND I'VE NEVER KNOWN A NORMAL SIXTEEN YEAR OLD, MYSELF THANKFULLY NOT INCLUDED, WHO HAD THAT SORT OF CONTROL.... I Did, but only for the sheer fact I had been singing since age four, and then did serious vocal exercise programs from age 8 until I was 22! Every single Day, Seven days a week, for three HOURS... I TRAINED and TRAINED and WORKED FOR IT! ... She got a good start, but she's not in the same league... yet.

LaToya had poise, she had FANTASTIC TONE and Pitch, she had phenomenal stage presence, she came ALIVE with a live band with adrenalin, and she had the most important component that made her more than Jasmine... EXPERIENCE THAT CAME THROUGH. Maturity, power, grace, finesse.

America, I hate you right now!

/end AI RANT!


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