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ick report

Weight Loss Since Last Saturday
12 pounds 225.25 >>>> 212.50

O_O She's still a fat mama jama though.....

Last meal eaten
Monday 8PM ----> Cup of Chicken Broth

Subsisting on Orange Juice and Sierra Mist since Monday Night
ate 5 cashews last night

I just have NOT been hungry at all

I am hungry NOW and am about to have a grilled cheese sandwich that if I could taste anything would probably be delicious. And will probably put all 12 pounds I lost RIGHT back on.

How 2 ounces of cheese can do that is unknown, but it's MY BODY we're talking about.

I can gain weight LOOKING AT PICTURES of food. I don't hardly ever actually EAT any. I could never figure out my weight problem, I don't eat squat really.
GO figure.

courtesy of baby-bro quizzage:

What kind of superhero will you be?
Favorite Color
Superhero Name I. M. Badass
Costume (not gender specific)
Power laser eyes
Number of people you save a day 42
popularity rating - 70%
This QuickKwiz by aingeal311 - Taken 6709 Times.

LOOK MOMMY I'm a badass female angel named alexial trapped in a cute boy's body who has this sick incestual relationship with his sister.... and boy don't I look good!!!


Angel Santuary is one FUCKED UP story (Pretty) but seriously FUCKED UP!

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