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I think it's amusing the Mormons are grouped in here...

Ever want to just drive over one of those little zit faced dweebs in ties on Bikes?

No offense to the church, but the people scare the fuck outta me. (And my run in with said church didn't help.)

Got rear ended by a couple of barely old enough to drive little missionaries... in dead stopped traffic, they rammed me right UNDER an ambulance who had a heart attack patient inside and right NEXT to a cop. I had the best witnesses EVAR!

They totaled my car, I was trapped UNDER the ambulance and the little twit comes up to my busted out window and say "God works in Mysterious ways"

Can you say I crawled OUT of my busted sunroof and gave the little shit holy hell?

Oh yeah. Cop was laughing his ass off as I spouted obscenities and damnation...

Then of course even after great witnesses and affidavits, the church only had to pay crap blue book and nothing more for my car.


FUCK ALL, you cannot buy a new car or a decent USED one for that.

Fucking good lawyers and not about helping the down and out THEY CAUSED TO BE DOWN AND OUT... and it took them two years to pay me.

SO yeah - FUCKERS and Get off my LAWN!

I'm a Heretic!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

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And once again I am SICK, horrible cold and a fever.

I can't get these on a FRIDAY so I can nurse it all weekend.. NO

Gotta be Sunday night so I miss work on Monday.

Cause coughing like a elderly woman with emphysema with 102.4 fever just does WONDERS for sitting on a phone all day.

Then I hear they laid off 10 of the Kelly employees today... Now I'm really fucking nervous for tomorrow


No matter how much holistic meds and herbs and stuff I take to try and keep it boosted, the sheer amounts of cold ease I eat like candy, and other preventative measures I take, it takes one infected person to hork germs on me and I'm toast.


We'll see if I'm back on the unemployment line tomorrow.


Stress Stress Stress

I loathe missing work, I just can't help it when I get sick and I get sick easy, so very easy.

I always have, I have a very poor immunize system, and an even worse pulmonary system which 99% of colds effect, leaving me down and out much longer than a normal person, and a mild cold has my parents ready with the 911 speed dial just in-case.

I can go that quickly and it's scary.

It makes holding a job in this day and age almost impossible, and it makes me WEEP because I *TRY*
I do not want to be a loser on Disability (And I do qualify on several levels, Carpal Tunnel, Diabetes, Pulmonary Dysfunction (I can never remember what it's called, it's what put me in the ICU in a coma for 3 weeks), Asthmatic, Scoliosis (Bad back, curvy Humped spine - Call me Quasimoto!), Adult ADD, etc... The list of maladies NOT on the Disability list goes ever onward.)

But while I can get UP OUT OF BED... I am going to WORK and WORK HARD!

Yet, it's hard because they don't like my downtime. Which sadly is more often than most people.


This is so stressful for me, which doesn't help me get better.

Catch 22

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