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D-ism #102 "Stereotypes"

My observations of Humanity Stereotypes:

My take on them:

People (Het-Gay-Straight-Bi-choose yer position poison) I say are like tobacco

and come in four basic varieties in grand sweeping generalities:

You have the "Stogies"
Full- robust, strong, potent, lingering, powerful, etc...

You have the "Marlboros"
Gritty - real- down to earth- rugged- the average common folk, Marlboro's come in many varieties, I think I'm more the menthol light 100's ~_^

You have the "Benson and Hedges"
Sophisticated, refined, elegant, cultured, what many of us strive to be, and obtain if we try hard enough or want it badly enough.

and then you have the "Swisher Sweets"
need I? This should be self explanatory. We all know people like this, male and female... choose your own description

We are all as different as you can get.
The Rainbow covers the entire spectrum, what's True for one is false for another.
So Classify me if you wish, label me... I don't care, because my label says:

"Surgeon General's Warning: May be Hazardous to your health of provoked!"


This D-ism brought to you by life in general, back to your regularly scheduled LJ!


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