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Gonna sound like a bitch for a minute...

because this ticks me OFF:


The following review has been submitted to: Please Remember Me Chapter: 1

From: -----edited------

you should make 1 with Duo and heero, please
ps Duo is my favorite

Once just ONCE I wanna respond:

DUO SUCKS!!!!!!11111oneoneone

Or something equally false, stupid and as inane as this "Review".

That’s not a review, that's, well... trolling to me. How about commenting on what you just READ as opposed to stating you like 1x2 a that I should be devoting my time to what you like and NOT what I like.

I know, I know same old story different day, but I'm PMSing and this was one of the reasons I decided to leave the fandom community in the first place and play in the dark corners alone. One gets tired of being told what they should do and get no encouragement or a pat or a thank you for a job already done.

To those of you still hanging in there, YOU ALL DO GREAT AND I LOVE YOUR STUFF JUST THE WAY IT IS!!!

Just in case I didn't already tell you that before. It's just not said enough so there you go, back atcha!

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