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Sick and Stressed

I am probably going to be fired.

I was supposed to work 3 12 hour shifts to make up the time from Monday when I *Had* to leave early because of unbearable pain and had to see the doctor...

fast forward 1.5 days, where said doctor has me taking pills every hour on the hour, mega pills. I've probably swallowed the equivalent of 3 whole bottles of Bayer aspirin in that amount of time, (2 800 mg tablets at a time and I've taken 8 doses) *PLUS* Ibuprofen, *PLUS* The pills that break up the uric acid crystals...


right around dinner last night I took another dose and just did a nose dive.

entering realms of TMI

I'm was vomiting and my bowels are on strike. It's like black water, that smells of the worst sulfur.

I didn't sleep at all last night, I was living in the bathroom, I had no choice, there is no way I can sit tied to a phone with a headset when that urge to run as fast as my painful toe will let me, to the bathroom.

I've not taken pills since last night, so the nausea is gone, the diarrhea isn't however.

I feel wrung out. My toe is KILLING ME, cause I can't take the pain pills.

I already missed 2 days before this, when I got that really bad flu/cold back in I think it was late January or early February.

I missed 1 day before that with one of those days where you have eaten something that didn't agree with you the day before so you spend the next day worshipping the throne.

This is day #4

We do not get sick days, we get "Occurrences"

4 is the death knell.

I fully expect to be fired when I go back into work tomorrow. Irregardless that my quality is 100% and my AHT is killer, and I'm damn good at what I do.

This place gives a rats ass how well you do, they are attendance hounds, and that's all well and good for people who abuse it, and call in sick just for a long weekend to go to the mountains skiing.

I'm always really genuinely sick as a dog when I call in, I *CAN'T* come in unless you install a toilet in my chair, or my computer in the stall itself I'm stuck here.

I'm so stressed out. Not getting better cause I'm terrified of losing my job. Must try and go rest a little more I got a whole hour of sleep before nature woke me up.


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