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American Idol

As most of you who read my journal know -- I'm an ex-vocal education major so I really like to follow American Idol and boo Simon Cowell all you want, he's harsh, but the serious music biz *IS* a harsh pill and he says it as it is, and I tend to agree with him 99.9999%

So far I've been really, REALLY, supremely impressed with Fantasia. That girl is a polish PRO. She's got more musical soul in one curl on her head than most people will ever know.

I've no doubt that girl is going to be #1

as for the rest of the crowd. In my professional opinion.. while I absolutely adore George and his infectious enthusiasm, and his brilliant smile. And the past 2 shows he's really made leaps and bounds in pitch improvement. I think he'll make the top five.

John Peter Lewis I thought had hopes in the first show and he's gone drastically down hill *OUT*

John Stevens, the little crooner is way too young and has absolutely no musical exposure beyond Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra I wanted him gone weeks ago. Amy did not deserve to be gone last week, and he KNEW IT. He blows chunks. He needs at least 5 more years of musical exposure, diaphragm lessons, and to get out from under his octogenarian grandparents influence if he hopes to ever sing anywhere other than a lounge act in Vegas doing Rat Pack impersonations.

LaToya - my #2 pick. Again every week she delivers, she's gorgeous, she needs just a little polishing but well, WELL on her way to a great career if she keeps at it.

Jennifer - hate to watch her. I grew up in the same area she did, she's definitely south side Chicago. She needs to loose the Ghetto, watch some old Gladys Knight, and Leena Horne clips and class it up and she too will go a long, long way. Ghetto is so passé, and she's got more potential than she's allowing herself.

Jasmine - oh lovely little Hawaiian CUTIE with a powerhouse voice. She’s so YOUNG and she's got scads of room to grow and she's already really good. I hope to see her in the top 5 at the very least. She deserves it.

Diana - Way, way, waaaaaaaay to white bread suburbia. GET OUT OF SHOW CHOIR FROM THE STICKS AND MOVE DOWNTOWN BABY! She’s too used to being a star in a little bitty town, she's all high school theatrics and if she let go of the comfort zone and pushed herself I just might be impressed. She's got potential, she's the only one limiting herself because she's too comfortable where she is. Move out of Georgia baby, this ain't Kansas anymore Toto!

Camilla - UGH don't like the attitude, she's got the worst vibrato I've ever heard, she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket and she's watched one too many horrid Jennifer Lopez videos. OUT! OUT! OUT!

So my top Five Predictions

1.) Fantasia
2.) LaToya
3.) Jennifer or Jasmine (either or here they are about equal)
4.) Jasmine or Jennifer (either or here they are about equal)
5.) George

I was right last year with the exception of the top two. I thought Rueben would be #2 and Clay #1
but billboard charts agree with me NOW, and that is what matters. SALES AND EXPOSURE in the music biz
and Clay is #1 on the charts over Rueben so I guess that counts.. sorta.

I know if Fantasia had an album out tomorrow I'd be first in line to buy it, sort of like when Clay's came out. (Even if I'm supremely disappointed at the rush job arrangements they did to push out his album, Clay's voice no fault. The canned karaoke clap trap music tracks? GAG no life, all synthesized. Once he gets a good band behind him I look for even better.)

so the music geeky snobby bitch troll side of me has spoken and called out my line-up and yeah, my opinion here, you do not have to agree with me. (I am a music snob, but hey when you grow up with Musicians and were one yourself professionally, I guess you get jaded. But I take music seriously, and I listen, truly listen to the whole package being offered and this is the stage of the competition where the line-up really starts to take serious shape.

They have to work now. (All except Fantasia, I wouldn't change a damn thing about her. Phenomenal, and Elton John agrees with me. ^_^ ) She’s a real pro, two thumbs up fantastic. The others will have to pull out all the stops to catch up to her massive lead and see if they can change my mind at the line up I see forming right now.

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