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Something's Fishy

Well, I never did find Dave. He has I believe died somewhere and short of me dragging the bottom of the tank, I can't find him.


On other news, I added four fishes to the fold, I bought another Red Dwarf (To replace Dave and to Give Arnold at least ONE buddy his size.)
SO welcome to "RIMMER"

and I bought 3 bottom feeders put 2 in the 10 gallon tank and one in the small tank.

Welcome to: "Hoover, Oreck, and Kirby"

heh heh Yes I named them after Vacuum cleaners, that is what they do after all.

And I soooo saw a tank at the pet store I *WANT*

It's got a lovely oak frame and is divided into six sections. Made specifically for a Betta display case.

WANT WANT WANT that for the half wall that separates the Kitchen and Living room. It would look so nice there.

Gonna get that after I get my new glasses.

Tomorrow's roster: Get Hair done, get Eye exam, go to Wal-Mart with new glasses prescription get glasses, come home and DIE I need a restful weekend seeing as on the 17th I lose a Saturday, I have to go to work for half a day for another bloody training course.

I really REALLY want one whole day to do absolutely NOTHING but sleep.

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