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MeMe that was short enough I didn't mind filling it out for a change....

1. What is your middle name?: Jean

2. If you had been born the other sex, did your parents tell you what your name would have been?: Thomas Alexander

3. Do you have children and if so, what are their names?: Do 1 Dog, 2 Cats, and 9 fish count?

4. If you were to ever have a child or more children, what would you name them?: It depends, I want to adopt, and if it's a child with any ethnic background I will choose a name to honor their traditional ethnicity. I really think it's in poor taste to adopt say a Chinese Girl and name her Martha. ><__>< Give them at least a modicum of their heritage!

5. Most people know their mother's maiden name, but do you know your grandmother's maiden name?: Yup. Maternal Grandmother Bonnie COUNTS (no middle name) Paternal Grandmother Willadean Opal Manter (Shudder, bad huh?)

6. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?: What do you mean DID? They still hang about and throw toga parties in my head!

7. What was the name of your first pet?: My first Pets were 2 black goldfish "Amos and Andy" no 4 year old is politically correct, a GOLD goldfish named "Shirley", and my snail "Jim", first MAMMAL? Er, a stray dog I had for a day named "Chuck" I had about age 7 or 8 until I found the owner and took Chuck home, then "Gizzy" or her given name was actually "Gizmo Killer McBash" all 1 pound of puppy I named (I was a weird 13 year old, still am) my first long term Pet.

8. If you have pet(s) now, what are their names?: OOOkay....

German Shepard "Kaiser" age 5
Golden Striped Tabby Cat "Hime" age: maybe a little over a year she's a stray
White and Silver Siamese Stray CUTIE!!!: "Chibi" another stray maybe 10 months or so.
2 Betas "Gojyo" (Red) and "Sanzo" (Blue)
1 White Mollie: "Kiba"
1 White and Goldenrod Yellow Male Guppy: "Quatre-Spaz" (He's manic zero system all the time. He’ll swim himself to death!)
2 Coral RED DWARFS: (fucking TINY fish) "Dave" and "Arnold" (Naturally -- Red Dwarf brit-com fans are groaning) although I can't find Dave he's been hiding too long. ><__>< I think he's wedged himself under a rock or shell like he always does and died. ><___><
2 neon tetras I can't tell apart "Amiboshi and Suboshi"
1 orange and black Plethswhatever looks like a goldfish with black fins: "Kyo"

(I had a Negro Mollie named "Dark-San" and a Green/Blue Guppy "Trowa" but they both committed suicide by filter. Meaning they managed to wedge themselves under it and get sucked to it like the gravitation ride at a carnival. and of course they do this while I'm either in bed or at work so I can't free their stupid asses. They had to DIG IN to get in there. Not even Dave is that STUPID!... and no, I ended up buying a bigger tank after those 2 did this and got an external filter, he's not hiding there, I've no CLUE where the little shit is.)

9. What was the name of the first person you ever kissed?: Um... Truth or Dare (his Dare ><__>< I hate that game I was the butt of his dare) Sean Something or other. I had a crush on him once eons ago during this time. He never knew I lived, and even then it was a dare and it was a pucker peck quick.

10. What was the name of the school you attended as a child?:

Elementary: Liberty Elementary (Until 3rd grade) rezoned Yost Elementary (4th and 5th)

Westchester Middle School 6-8 ( just shit a brick, at the top of this page it says "Tim McGinty -- Principal". HE WAS THE GYM TEACHER WHEN I WENT TO SCHOOL THERE! O____O AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

Chesterton High School 9-12 (The link however is the NEW High School -- they built this just a few years ago -- I'm coming up on my 15 year reunion (CHRIST EEP!!!) in 2 months.

VanderCook College of Music (Chicago) Here I notice the college has a new address, all my professors ALL OF THEM are gone, there's no vocal department I can see anymore on the roster, and we sang with the Chicago Symphony regularly then O_O, it was a high profile department way back when, and the PICTURE of the door at the top of that website is the OLD building on 32nd Street and Michigan Avenue where the College USED to be on the IIT campus. Roseanne Rosenthal was just the undergraduate Dean when I was there, it looks like she became President and stepped down it seems. Wow lots of changes.

11. What was/is the name of your English teacher in high school?:

Kindergarten: Mrs. BEVERLY ________ no clue what the last name was
1st: Mrs. Cole
2nd: Mrs. Newton
3rd Grade: Mrs. Lowe
4th: Mrs. Massetti
5th: Mr. Smith (no joke)
6th: Mr. Lowe
7th: ??
8th: ??
9th: Mrs. Johnson
10th: Mrs. Loonie Loopy something or other she was crazy. She's now committed (I'm not kidding there either. She *READ* us out loud Hemmingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" and when he called the Marlin a "Whore" as we were reading ALONG we had the book in front of us, we could SEE the word. She "Bleeped" herself. ><___>< No wonder she's in the loonie bin now.)
11th: Ms. Funke
12th: Mrs. Johnson Again
College: Er.... Kelly? No clue.

Wow pretty decent memory there.

12. Do you name your vehicles? What are the name(s)?: Yup -- Sophie

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